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  1. map01 fda what a brilliant little opening map, setting the scene etc the cyber was hilarious - genuine shock moment. apologies if youre watching the demo. i went afk while the crusher did its work - fast forward the demo :) only thing i didnt like was the restocking of enemies - where are they coming from?! i think the realistic setting clashes with that doom conceit. map02 fda a more typical doom-cave map here, but that doesnt detract from its excellent use and reuse of space. i loved the fact you can see the fuel can right at the start almost. best moment was the d-day skeleton beach invasion. map03 fda excellent map. ran out of ammo and had to be quite creative with barrel use for the skeles at the end. got a 2nd scare of the mapset when i almost crushed myself - cruel!
  2. rehelekretep

    Most disturbing film?

    i havent seen Serbian Film (no interest in seeing that scene) but ive seen all the other 'extreme' cinema and Martyrs is the most horrific film ive ever watched
  3. map06 i wish i had known about the bfg secret earlier :( map07 what a thoroughly odd map
  4. mscp01 some pretty mindless warmup. its ok - i dont think the midi fits because its hardly the most frenetic of action map02 much more enjoyable - the pinkie room was the most fun map03 PURPLE! the vile-rush felt like pure luck to me. is there another strategy? map04 odd. the switch to exit is delayed? i liked the last fight but wish the revs had teleported in earlier. map05 the first fight is awesome. the others are cheesable. nice surprise cyber when you go back to the hub lol.
  5. rehelekretep

    What's your generally preferred monster count for a map?

    no one has said 666 yet? is that too cliche?
  6. rehelekretep

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    11.5gb :o
  7. rehelekretep

    What is Your Job/Career?

    what subject if you dont mind me asking?
  8. rehelekretep

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    really enjoyed all 3 of these - except the teleporting vile in map25 which basically screwed me over royally! map24 fda map25 fda map26 fda
  9. rehelekretep

    What is Your Job/Career?

    secondary school teacher (11-18yr olds), religious studies fun job but the hours are too long and the pay is nowhere near enough
  10. rehelekretep

    How to increase quality in Crispy Doom?

    the 'trick' i have heard is to export the video in some ridiculous resolution like 4k, then there is more bitrate and when youtube has its way with your video it will reduce the bitrate but there'll still be a lot 'left' as it were because your original file is extremely high.
  11. rehelekretep

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    map21 fda strange choice to put the green armour in a bush. my thinking was "as a doom mapper, there should be some armour by now, green armour is more likely, green = green bush." im not sure if that deliberate "this is a doom map, what would the mapper do?" is intentional but it rather breaks immersion in an otherwise immersive map. map22 fda - very confused as to how that pirate ship got there map23 fda - i hate lost souls!
  12. rehelekretep

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    yeah i might try cl9 in future. another dump; almost caught up! map15 - not an fda because of the aforementioned cl-1/cl2 mistake map31 fda map32 fda map16 fda map17 fda map18 fda map19 fda map20 fda
  13. rehelekretep

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    so i can use saves and record a demo at the same time: normally switches are not an issue playing with unusual complevels so i am wondering what particularly Bauul did
  14. rehelekretep

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    the switches in map15 dont work in complevel -1 for some reason :(