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  1. so you think your completely ignorant pontificating on permbanning people somehow gives you a better viewpoint and judgement than people who run a successful community on who should be permabanned and why? lol tell you what, as you seem to want someone else to do this - why dont you set-up the 'Doomworld Court of Banning Appeals', Linguica & the other mods will send you all their transcripts and discussions over each individual ban (it would have to include all temp bans, as that would inform future cases), and then you can write some reports on each ban, set some conditions for their return (i am guessing it would have to be on some sort of license, like criminals who are released from jail partway through their sentence), and some rules for how long bans would be increased if they break any terms of their license - i could go on. your presumption that you could do better is tiresome.
  2. its quite scary that there are officers with completely insufficient training, being given weapons that can easily kill or hurt people, and theyre meant to be PROTECTING citizens!
  3. youre right, but i think youre missing the point that a volunteer community doesnt have the time or resources to pander to every idiot savant, and will inevitably have to decide on a case-by-case whether someone is worth tolerating.
  4. killer2; what you are forgetting is that the people in charge of this community are humans with finite patience and time, and that you are asking them to do something completely unrealistic to appease your idealistic and strangely selfish viewpoint that everyone deserves a second (and third and fourth if theyre especially dear to you). communities are destroyed by letting assholes stick around pissing people off - not by banning the odd prodigy. in fact, what is most irritating is that you wont often notice (until its too late) that the most vocal assholes will give the illusion of a healthy community until you realise that the other 95% have slowly stopped contributing and have given up taking part.
  5. yeah but DEUS VULT 2 @Doomkid tbh Deus Vult is a funny one to bring up; its full of awful memes - i wouldnt miss it
  6. no im talking about sc07 - i mean i know projectiles can push you a little bit so its possible i guess but havent seen it used before
  7. if you liked that youll probably like his whole album Godfather
  8. lol what?!
  9. some stuff from this year
  10. i cant tell if that post is a good thing because it makes you want to listen to more rap, or bad because you think Ninja is a good rapper lol
  11. fabulous demo. strange that the invuln is so... useless?
  12. sod30 is actually my favourite spawner map ever; its fantastic
  13. Bathory, Mayhem & Entombed in 1 post :D
  14. maps 02-07 fdas 02 03 04 05 06 07