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  1. goddamn it... losing will to play this now, im already so far behind!
  2. i hope youre joking...
  3. map15 20 minutes in; 100hp crusher without warning
  4. dat quadruple shotgunner kill 👌
  5. wait wait i thought you couldnt use longtics on boom demos?!
  6. never heard of Clockwork Orange? o.O
  7. map12 fda + interesting puzzling progression with teleporters, lifts, rising platforms etc + 1 fun mastermind placement (killed all the revs for me :D) - progression can 'lock' you out of where you need to go, specifically the cavern section just before the exit, if you run through there like i did you can get stuck in the canyon entrance with things blocking you in. i managed to extricate myself with some careful and lucky play but that wouldve been very frustrating if i hadnt had the extra cells - 1 annoying mastermind placement - what does she add to that penultimate fight? cell-sink - oh yeah, just remembered that bfg/AV secret... OK? lol.
  8. lol - i did the same thing with PRCP 01 last week >.<
  9. fair enough; i just think spiders are hard to use well. i actually can only think of 3 'good' (imo) uses for them: 1. as open-space supressors - keeping you from an area/forcing you to navigate in a different direction 2. infight generator/helper - get them to distract a horde of otherwise dangerous enemies, and dont forget their massive bulk can block projectiles so you can have a nice little rest behind mama arachnid :) 3. cyberdemon duel - i just love watching them duke it out :D
  10. theyre generally more fun and more threatening. spiderdemons tend to stomp about and you hide behind something and pop in and out until theyre dead - not as much fun for me.
  11. map11 fda ah! this is a spike in difficulty; + i actually liked that the scenarios werent that dangerous per se, but the effect of the stalking AVs is to put you on edge and make you panic + beautiful MIDI and set-up, creates an ominous and threatening atmosphere + seems to be perfectly balanced with ammo & health/armour, which is some feat considering the potential for AVs to blindside and otherwise create havoc with resurrections - too dark on prboom. even with gamma adjusted to 4, some areas are squint-inducing. you can have a dark, scary map with some contrast. this was just too dingy for me to enjoy fully - disgusting mastermind placements; would much prefer cyberdemons here.
  12. i did a search through my '2017' downloaded albums and these are the ones that ive listened to multiple times and still like: Alfa Mist - Antiphon / hip-hop, jazz, soul. BROCKHAMPTON - SATURATION / hip-hop. i havent listened to Saturation 2 yet. Brother Ali - All The Beauty In This Whole Life / hip-hop. Conscious rap, listen to this if you feel hip-hop is all guns/cars/women. Corbin - Mourn / R&B, electro, synth-pop. Worth it for ICE BOY alone Denzel Curry - 13 / hip-hop. Pretty hardcore/industrial sounding (except for Zeltron 6 Billion). Jay-Z - 4:44 / hip-hop - unfortunately hard to find on Youtube or Spotify, so here's one of the songs from the album. Wiley - Godfather / UK hip-hop / grime. Both on top of their game in this song. Freddie Gibbs - You Only Live 2wice / hip-hop. Not conscious at all! Gucci Mane - Droptopwop / hip-hop. Neither is this! Power Trip - Nightmare Logic / thrash Tour De Menage - Gotham The Good/ The Bad / instrumental hip-hop. Pretty much can't go wrong with Tour de Menage.