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  1. sorry to interrupt the UAC Ultra talk, here are all my FDAs from tn.wad, i meant to post them with the 10th map but forgot: tn fda pack
  2. MAYhem 2012 FDAs (with some saves, no scumming!) first demo recorded 27.08.2017 last demo recorded 17.02.2018 lol map01 map02 map03 map04 map05 map06 map07 map08 map09 map10 map11 map12 01-12 1 zip
  3. wait - i played the whole thing -cl 9 o.O
  4. vanilla punching (inc boom+ ) is harder than in the g/zdoom ports
  5. jesus h. christ give it a rest
  6. stop using analogies to hide your confused argument; you said that games needed story/plot to provide lasting appeal - there are plenty of people who still play Tetris, both new and returning players - just because you don't see the appeal it doesnt mean that's a good example.
  7. @mrthejoshmon if Tetris is devoid of story and therefore any kind of overarching them to tie the experience together why is it still being played in various flavours & platforms almost 34 years later whereas other games with better plot, narrative, story, themes are forgotten and buried? its almost like the most important part of a game is the actual playing of and exploring/experiencing of the game mechanics!!!11 who wouldve thought it?!
  8. wow...
  9. literally have 0% interest - for me doom is a fun challenging mechanical game. the only wads that have inspired some 'plot' or backstory interest tend to either be really weird ones or heavily atmospheric maps. recent examples tn 07 by Roofi, and a lot of Sunlust's maps.
  10. perfect valentine's day music
  11. great demos for an under-represented category! what i would suggest is name your demos how you like and then use Advanced Renamer to rename for uploading :)
  12. finishing up tangerine nightmare map10 fda (only watch part4 if you value your limited time on this planet) glboom+ / uv pistol start / saves woah nelly. had to drop some saves for this one. i always hate how in hindsight maps feel easier, but of course the deaths are part of the learning process. in fact watching @rdwpa's masterful demo for hints for the big 'crescent' fight actually set me back quite a bit. i dont have his skill in dodging rev rockets and they ended up whittling my health down badly enough that i couldnt recover. what actually worked for me was every time i got cornered by more than a couple of rockets was to bust out, picking up a rad suit if necessary and removing the homers that way before returning back to the megasphere/BA cubby. that was the hardest fight by far. in contrast it took me a modest amount of tries to sort out the 2-cyber fight (i didnt watch the demo up till this point before you think of that! >.< ). the end with the 4 AVs is trash - a major point where trying to play saveless wouldve had me throwing my keyboard at @WH-Wilou84 . the 'best' strategy i came up with was to cheese them by pulling them one at a time, which isnt a tactic that you can discover in an FDA setting - shame on you @WH-Wilou84 ! the map ended sourly for me there. tn fda pack (all demos)
  13. this map is still giving me a wedgie and stealing my lunch money! im going to watch @rdwpa's max