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  1. uV -fAsT & Uv -ReSpaWn coming up boys
  2. ahem, excuse me madam, but let me correct you there: it should be UV -fast, as there is no capital in the command. g'day to you. *tips*
  3. slime-trail on map 03 - looking at the 'raised' entrance to the tunnels
  4. haha came in here to post the same sentiments as Steve. against my better nature i fired this up and promptly gave up after 30 minutes poking around at the colour-coded platforming section within the castle - i dont like puzzle games and this didnt change my mind. but as you can see plently of other people loved it so youre doing something right, keep it up!
  5. @antares031you got a q&a shoutout on Spirit of the Law's new video ;p

    1. antares031


      I didn't expect to see my comment from his video, but I was lucky enough to see it. :D I'm really enjoying his AoE2 stuff on Youtube.

  6. sell some of those cds and buy a bigger tv
  7. corrected @Deadwing i dont know why im so incompetent at putting the links in :(
  8. sr50 is cheating!
  9. books pornography music (digital)
  10. just do a megawad already ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
  11. i dont know why i ever doubted myself
  12. i think this deserves to be quoted over and over again.