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  1. Looking around and saw you posted the GLBoom+ config file. That's nice and what I exactly wanted to have since I sort of overwhelmed by the amount of settings. Thanks a lot.


    It took me a long to figure out how to make it look as close as original in GZDoom, so I was too lazy to look around in GLBoom+. Guess I can use GLBoom+ more often. The remaining thing is the mouse configuration to test.

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    2. rehelekretep
    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      That screenie looks like sunder map 01...

    4. GarrettChan


      @Nine Inch Heels

      Yep... you guessed it. I tried to make a run to celebrate I finally switch to GlBoom+, but can't even beat my previous sucky time 5:33, so I just leave it...