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  1. mordecai32

    Deluxe and collectors editions US and Canada only?

    Since it doesn't look like we will get a version of this with Steam codes, hopefully they'll release a version of the CE without the game and its DLC, it should be a cost-effective solution to this kind of problem. Wolfenstein's CE was like this, but DOOM 2016 didn't have one without the game, unfortunately.
  2. mordecai32

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    Just a little theory, but unless doomguy grows up 100x his size to wield the new BFG, and I didn't see any hints of BFG 9000 in the demo either, maybe the crucible will replace the BFGs role as the room-clearing weapon?
  3. mordecai32

    Doom 3 Alpha Grey - Screen . Help ?

    The title says it all , basically . I have installed a patch i found on the internet , i tried everything i could , but it STILL keeps giving me that goddamn grey - screen , while the retail version runs fine . I use AMD BTW . Is there a way to fix this ?
  4. mordecai32

    Where are the BFG mods ?

    Last year when the alpha came out, i remember seeing a screenshot which showed that you can mod the BFG, i lost it a long ago though. Looks like they were simply cut. Even the chainsaw had mods, one of them was called "Super Chainsaw" if my memory isn't fucking with me. Not sure what that was supposed to do either.
  5. mordecai32

    E2M8 in DOOM 2016 (Tower of Babel)

    Haha, i didn't know you could do that on a console. Also, regarding why the "Dis" level wasn't included, it most likely was because of Spider Mastermind's gigantic size, his model was about 4 times bigger than the CyberDemon's model.
  6. mordecai32

    E2M8 in DOOM 2016 (Tower of Babel)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqmzbQfPALk If you can fight the CyberDemon in here, i wonder why it isn't included in SnapMap.
  7. mordecai32

    E2M8 in DOOM 2016 (Tower of Babel)

    Surely you jest. There should be a room or two which you can fit him in...right?
  8. mordecai32

    Too much Doom

    Whenever i play some DOOM, i always get in the MOOD.
  9. mordecai32

    A good reason to have bots is

    If i'm not mistaken, there was a fully functional code for bots in the alpha, you could even enable them. Sadly, it looks like this was cut for no apparent reason.
  10. ... "Some people seem to keep making assumptions about these guys, so I got the full story. This is a long TL;DR from the codex and beastiary. As well as some extra info in the strings. The Sentinels are ancient soldiers in hell, along with the Doomslayer. They have all died, but Doomslayer was the leader of them. In the Slayer's Testament, it says that "he wears the crown of the Night's Sentinels." There has also only been one Titan that's known. The Great One, the one that Doomslayer fought on the Desolate Plains. Also he was trapped by the dark priests. They aren't legendary, they serve the Doomslayer. Continued: Doomslayer and the Sentinels protect the Elemental Wraiths. When the Slayer and the Sentinels were under attack, with their enemies trying to slay the Wraiths, The Night Sentinels stood strong against their legions. They were empowered by the Wraith energy. The Sentinels would have won, if it wasn't for Deag Gray. Deag Gray is a hell priest. They had struck a deal, they would give the Wraiths in exchange for The Betrayers only son (Doomslayer's son? I suppose he has a son, because they call him The Betrayer). As The Betrayer lead Deag Gray to the Wraiths, he consumed their power to make The Well. Once The Well was formed, The City of Argent fell under the control of the Hell Priests. When The Betrayer got his son back, it wasn't his son. The Priests transformed his son into The Icon of Sin. The Icon of Sin attacked swift and mercilessly, and destroyed Argent D'Nur." This post is from /r/doomleaks, courtesy of "ItsZexxy." I am really loving how they implemented the story here, you can just play the game if you don't care about it, if you do, you can read about the backstory on the codex entries.
  11. mordecai32

    The Night Sentinels Full Story based on codex entries

    I played the game literally the second it launched here, i just didn't bother to read the codex entries for characters, i mostly read the ones for weapons and monsters.
  12. mordecai32

    Acheivement image

    It's from the Titan's Realm.
  13. mordecai32

    Snapmap bug.

    Not sure what's causing this. Basically, i can use Snapmap offline just fine, but as soon as i go online, all of the tabs on the menu disappear, and i can't click on anything. I didn't find a fix for this anywhere.
  14. mordecai32

    Ultra Nightmare Playthrough in 4h45m

    Actually, there was something about this in the alpha/beta files, if you would beat the game in the nightmare mode, you would get the praetor suit for the multiplayer. Sadly, it looks like this was cut.
  15. mordecai32

    DOOM - User Reviews

    I'll be honest, I was mostly worn out on FPS games for the last few years, I had this certain itch that no game has been able to scratch. But, oh boy, this gem right here has sparked my interest in the FPS genre yet again. After finishing the campaign for the new DOOM yesterday, I must say that truly from the bottom of my heart, this is one of the best first person shooters of the last decade. This game doesn't sit around with cutscenes and boring tutorials, 15 seconds into the game, and you already have a gun and have to defend yourself. The weapons feel meaty and powerful to shoot, you can also improve them by getting mods, but it's completely optional, a purist can probably finish the game without any mods. Glory kills are also really fun to use, they're contextual, and they happen so fast that they seamlessly flow right into the gameplay. This game includes what made DOOM great in the first place, and improves on it greatly, while adding interesting, but optional mechanics. This new DOOM, if compared to something else, really seems similar to how Mad Max: Fury Road has turned out. Both of them are great reboots to successful franchises of the golden days, both of them include what made the said franchises good in the first place, and both of them succeeded in bringing back the said franchises to the mainstream media. I'm thankful to ID that this didn't turn out like another DNF. There's also the MP and SnapMap. MP is nothing special, it's cliche, and I wouldn't call it an arena shooter. ...But, it has a crap ton of customization. Sometimes I feel like I am playing Team Fortress 2, I honestly didn't expect this from a DOOM game. But sadly, ID outsourced the MP to Certain Affinity, the guys who made COD Ghosts MP and they co-developed some of the Halo games, and it shows. Now, about SnapMap: Like the name suggests, you Snap pre-made Maps together. SnapMap is actually really flexible, believe it or not. But not as a map editor, mainly it's scripts are amazing. Someone made Harvest Moon. In DOOM, out of all places. If people made Harvest Moon in SnapMap, then I'm pretty sure anything is possible. I tried it out myself, and yes, the scripts are really, REALLY flexible, I just can't state this enough. Optimization-wise, I only had major FPS drops once or twice through my whole playthrough, and the game has only crashed once. For a launch title, the optimization is pretty good. Verdict: DOOM is a strong 9/10. There were some things cut since E3, like some of the glory kill animations, and weapon animations, and etc..... But it's just nit-picking I guess, it doesn't hurt the overall package. It would be a complete 10/10, but then there's the average cookie cutter MP. I mean, it's not bad, but the longevity isn't there. But still, in this day and age, DOOM manages to differentiate itself from the other FPS games on the market quite clearly. This game justifies the 60$ price tag by its massive amount of content, you won't regret the purchase. DOOM is a must buy for every FPS fan.
  16. mordecai32

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    It's in-game, you unlock this model after finding one of the collectibles. Also, i've been hearing that if you complete the game on nightmare mode, you get to use the praetor suit in MP, can someone confirm this?
  17. mordecai32

    Awesome screenshots thread.

  18. mordecai32

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    Not sure if this is the right place to post, but here's Doomguy's face:
  19. mordecai32

    AGN3T I3T

    Hmm. Looks like dying in the classic maps will show the classic face.
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLToGa1bNFc
  21. mordecai32

    Doom stream

    ...Some guy reported the stream because of "playing on easy mode" and it got shut down.
  22. mordecai32

    Doom stream

    I saw his stream and watched it for a while 13 or so hours ago, demons were dying pretty easily, he was kinda rushing through everything, and i didn't see him stop and search for secrets at all. Maybe that's the reason for 8 hours?
  23. mordecai32

    Finalized Launch Trailer

  24. mordecai32

    Finalized Launch Trailer

    They most likely changed it because the original was leaked.
  25. mordecai32

    Finalized Launch Trailer

    I found the music in the leaked trailer more fitting actually.