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  1. Jack Burton68

    Doom stream

    the Music is Annoying after a while.... i will turn the Music off in the options menu!
  2. Jack Burton68

    What metal music will you listen while playing Doom 4?

    PSX (and/or DOOM64) Soundtrack from Aubrey Hodges........ When i need harder stuff, i choose MESHUGGAH (i love Djent)
  3. Jack Burton68

    Doom Hard Difficulty gameplay

    The most rooms in the TRICKS AND TRAPS Map are arenas with locked doors. Think the one room with the cyberdemon and the handful of barons
  4. Jack Burton68

    DOOM - Exclusive SnapMap and Singleplayer Streams

    It reminds me on the BatmanV Superman movie shitstorm. Allmost the same case......the Internet loves it to hate.
  5. For me DOOM is a Kind of a Horrorgame. My first experience with DOOM was on the PlayStation one, and later played the Nintendo64 Version oft the Game. Aubrey Hodges music changed the game, and made a scary and creepy atmosphere.
  6. Jack Burton68

    Just found this regarding Sp

    This! I just want to enjoy the complete game when its out. One level as a demo would destroy the experience for me. But thats just me, if they decide to bring a SP demo, cool, Enjoy and have fun to play it. I will not download the demo, and keep the surprise for me.
  7. Jack Burton68

    What Do We Want From Doom IV ?

    I am fine so far. A custom music mode would be awesome, Imagine we could use SLAYER's reign in blood..........or the dark ambient ps1 DOOM soundtrack from Aubrey Hodges in this game!
  8. Jack Burton68

    Baron of Hell

    I think this New Baron Looks awesome. Cant wait To Grab my super-shotgun, and mop the floor with that bastard!
  9. Jack Burton68

    Green Imps or Purple Imps (Gimps or Pimps)

    Why not have both? More variations = more fun ........IMHO
  10. Hi folks i am a New member in this Forums, So dont flame me for my Bad english and/or my personal opinions....Lol I can live with the glowing pinyata items, for me is that glowing a part of the Hud in the combat helmet. The technology of the helmet let all the needful items glow.....somehow like in the iron man helmet.