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  1. Lazer

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    I haven't played much DOOM or posted on this site in forever but I picked up ETERNAL and figured I'd add my thoughts. I'm only about half way(?) through the game and my impressions have been generally positive. Also to note I did not like 3 but found 2016 overall pretty good. My biggest complaint is constantly running out of ammo. While I do find it somewhat engaging to glory kill for health and chainsaw for ammo, it begins feeling like too much micro-management. Also as many have said it does feel like you are forced into one way of playing 'correctly'. The RPG elements I'm kinda neutral on because it appears in the end we pretty much end up at full power. After that you can go back and play the game with everything available and no longer worry about finding upgrades etc and just focus on fighting (those master levels are nuts and pretty much require max loadout). The game could do without this but at the same time I don't think they went too overboard with it either. I like moving fast in DOOM so found the new dash mechanic to be quite nice. Either that or they needed to like double the run speed (2016 felt slow to me). I also don't mind the parkour and considering how crazy the monster AI is the extra dimension to fighting makes things quite intense. I realize this isn't traditional but I feel it works fairly well as a game mechanic. Love the music. Lot's of pieces of classic songs mixed in really adds to the atmosphere. Also love the visuals. They made the plasma rifle look classic again and most of the environments look true to the original style just at a much higher fidelity. I'm super disappointed about no classic PvP mode and the comments made by that Bethesda spokesman about the game mode being 'eons old' sounded really out of touch. As much as I'm enjoying playing through the campaign I feel like this new battle mode is not going to hook me and I'll probably drop the game once I've 100% all the PvE material. So I guess overall I'm enjoying ETERNAL but not sure how long it will hold my interest. Maybe it's near time to go back and finally finish up the Doom 2 mod I started like decades ago :^]
  2. I've been revisiting a bunch of maps in attempt to finish an old project of mine and just came across a strange issue. On one of my maps there's an exit where it should appear as though the horizon extends out in front of you. I have done this before in other maps using the 9:Line_Horizon() Zdoom tag. There's a big grassy sector surrounded to the north by another sector with the ceiling height=floor height (164). The ceiling height of the big sector is 415. Both sectors have the fsky ceiling texture and the lines (3 of them) between the 2 sectors all have the Line_Horizon tag. Everything appears to be setup properly, however when I go in-game the horizon cuts off right at the edge where the sky begins. What could I be overlooking here? I've tried different floor/ceiling heights and flipping the directions each line faces as well as setting the sector tags to a new ID in case there was some odd effect being accidentally applied to ID 0. Screenshots related: Any ideas are appreciated thanks!
  3. Lazer

    Line_Horizon not working?

    Oh wow that worked. Now I'm wondering why the way I had it setup before was working on my other maps?? Oh well weird but thanks for the quick solution!
  4. Lazer

    Toke it up!

    ya go freedoom!
  5. Lazer

    Manage Your Lumps

    Ya go SlayeR! Hey btw now that I'm settled in college I've been finishing up Underworld and it's really close to a release. (with your map in there still) Send me an IM on aim (sn: r8p) if you wanna see how it's coming along.
  6. Lazer

    Too late?

    Mwheel binding would be a really good thing to add.
  7. Lazer

    Freedoom For Freedom!

    I made map 20 :D
  8. Lazer

    The /newstuff Chronicles #237

    Downloaded and beat Scythe II today. Damn I'm impressed. The levels flowed so well and texture alignment issues were minimal. Great Megawad.
  9. Lazer


    I love the community map. Just played it. It's so much fun. Not sure how to open that underwater bfg though...
  10. Lazer

    The /newstuff Chronicles #195

    Scroll up and read my post. I released a 10 map mod using this trick back in '02!
  11. Lazer

    The /newstuff Chronicles #195

    I'm confused by what you mean "working with every level" but I assume you mean this: Replace the graphics and sounds of the weapon you want to spawn with your own graphics or import them from that game. Lets use the cross bow from Heretic as an example. Once you've created your own wad with these converted (I say converted because the doom palette is slightly different) and have the sounds converted you run a spawn command on them. It's been probably a year since I've done this so I forget the console command. Now you also need to bind the keys in a config file correctly so you can select the weapons as well. Now when you make maps and want these weapons spawned you just use a script to spawn at all of your spawn points whatever weapon you replaced the sprites/sounds for and your done. And proof I released something earlier? http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=11798 (12/30/02) Check out weapons #9 and #0. Works with every level. Make sure you are using Zdoom. Whats funny is this wad never got a review because some asshole changed around some things and reuploaded it as Underworld Beta 4 like a week before I was to upload the real beta 4. Oh well I'll add another level or two and finalize things and call it done. This project has been long on hold. Eh I'm kinda a vet to these boards. Registered a long time ago used to be a big poster then I kinda moved onto other games. I come back here every once in a while cuz I still enjoy Doom.
  12. Lazer

    The /newstuff Chronicles #195

    Let's all take note the Xaser IS NOT the first person to spawn weapons from other games into Doom using Zdoom. Enjay and I were pretty much the ones who figured all that out. He showed me an example of how to spawn monsters then I did it with weapons and as far as I know that's where it began. How come I've never even heard of this Xaser character? Is he new or something? Oh well I think I should just get around to finishing Underworld. (anyone remember that?) It'll never get finished if I don't do something soon.
  13. Lazer

    It's Radiant!

    roffing out loud
  14. Lazer

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    You know it's gonna be done eventually. Hell it doesn't even have to be that detailed since it's episode 1. Anyone gonna do it?
  15. Lazer

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    Holy shit did I NOT just say I'm using the hires textures? Those ARE the hires textures.
  16. Lazer

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    That's the plan eventually. And I am using the JDoom hires textures...
  17. Lazer

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

  18. Lazer

    Doom 3 : The Udderdude Rundown

    I was gonna say that! <-- Big fan
  19. Lazer

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    Ok, heres the update but keep in mind I don't have those marbface textures for the pillars. (Anyone make any hires ones I can use?) I need those marbface textures. I need to work on the switches, the doors need to look more true to the original, and I need better lighting. (The ceiling is pitch black)
  20. Lazer

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    Ok map structure is like 95% done (I say 95% cuz I still gotta work out the doors and how that switch works etc). Otherwise everything is made to the exact dimensions of the original. Now I just gotta learn some stuff to do with switches and scripting and I should be all set.
  21. Lazer

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    I guess all my Half-Life mapping has payed off. The editor used is much like Half-Life mapping. I'll have the map done in no time. EDIT: Progress: (ignore the 1 light source)
  22. Lazer

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    I bet E2M8 would be a simple yet fun remake. It's just gotta be done right. Now lemme learn the Doom 3 editing program and I'll make version 1... (version 1 is a simple remake, version 2 will have extreme graphic upgrades)
  23. Lazer

    Scary parts you liked so far

    I got scared of the washbucket and broom or whatever that was flying through the window at me for no reason at all. (Alpha Lab 3) Also the whole initial "takeover" by the demons was not just scary but so well done. Everyone over voice comm yelling and you can hear gun fire etc. Bathroom face scene too ya.
  24. Lazer

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    Yes a remake of episode 4 would be nice. I've got plenty of experience Half-Life mapping, UT2K# mapping and some other 3D mapping/modeling. Maybe when I beat the game I'll start up a remake project or I'll join one if there's already been one started.
  25. Lazer

    Beta Cats

    I was getting constant crashes and then I got 4.8 and everything works great.