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  1. I have never really bothered with Doom editing except for making a personal skin (which was really just pasting a new head on the marine) and the most I have done as far as maps go, was making a single room with an altar in the middle with you and a pile of gibs on it.

    So the other day I was looking at some of the editing capabilities of zDooM when I had an idea for a map. Now, I still consider myself a complete newbie when it comes to editing, so I use to use DoomCad and was still going to when I found I no longer had a copy of it on my machine. Remembering the trouble I had finding a download site that worked, I decided to try DoomBuilder. Omg it rocks. Now Im halfway thru making my first DooM map.

    I'm trying to resist the urge to use scripts and the advanced editing aspects of zDooM until I have a better grasp of the basics, but I will prevail! meh.

    oh and if anyone uses the newproject tag, I will bitchslap them and their mom.