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  1. After seeing this on slashdot.org I was wondering whether anyone here has played either game? What are your thoughts on them compared to other games such as UT2k4, etc? Are they worth the download?

    Edit: Anyone, as in everyone but job.

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    2. Quast


      Planky said:

      Are they worth the download?

      OMG WAREZ!

    3. Planky


      Read the fricken article. Better yet, read the goddamn press release.

    4. Draconio


      I only ever played the demo of Tribes, but yes, I probably will download these if they're becoming freeware. However if you're 56k then it isn't worth it (the game kicks you off if you lag too much as I recall)

      Edit: Also you probably wouldn't bother if you don't like team games. If you ever played the Quake Team Fortress spinoff where you could customize your character with different sets abilities, that's the closest other thing I can think of.