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  1. Just got back from paintballing for a workmate's birfday, damn it was fun.

    The course was largely the side of hill covered in thick brush - the only flat area had no cover. Had one game of capture the flag and the rest were attacking and defending. During the last round I somehow managed to take out three guys by looping around behind them without them realising.

    Ain't got that many war wounds except my ankle which I hurt slipping in a stream. Did get a few welts when we did a mexican stand off to get rid of the last ammo - which I shot randomly then high tailed it :D

    Anyone else been paintballing?

    1. Xenaero


      Actually me and a couple family members did it at a local paintball field last december. It's always fun. :D

    2. Psyonisis


      Paintball is pretty fun but it's way too expensive to do regularly unless you are a die-hard player.