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  1. Just finished shopping for Christmas - I spent approx $120(NZ) on various stuffage:

    • Dad: Wooden Peppermill - I engraved Merry Christmas into it, only to find I missed the first 's'... idiotic. Luckily I hadn't gone too deep and was able to sand it out. I think he'll still love it.
    • Mum: An ornamental wooden pot with Paua shell embedded in it
    • Eldest Brother: Boardgame called Scattergories
    • 2nd Eldest Brother: Boardgame called Game of Life - we had this when we were kids - great fun
    • Youngest Brother: Not sure yet - I'm thinking of getting him an ammo box or something from an army surplus store
    • Aunty (who lives with my parents): A book called Jessica - based on a true story about a girl in Australia fighting for Aborigine rights. The film adaption is pretty good too.
    Buying stuff is easy - I can usually come up with some decent presents, I can never think of anything I want..

    I'll be heading to my parents over Christmas for three days, then I have to work between boxing day and new years :\ While the business is shutdown over the holidays, they need someone on the helpdesk. Still, I'm aiming to get a Wii on launch and will take it in with me to whittle away the hours I'm there.

    Edit: Spelling

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    2. Lüt


      myk said:

      To each person?! But a dictionary could be a great gift, although that depends on what dictionary we're talking about.

      I picked this one up a few years ago.

      Haven't read it much though.

    3. Gokuma


      I'm going with Scrooge this year, except I'm not going to puss out at the end and I'll be hanging inverted christmas trees.

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Yeah I love buying people things. I just never have enough money to do it :X