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  1. I shifted flats recently and one of the benefits is this place has a nice sized garage. Rather than keeping my Diamante in there (who would do that!), I'm turning it into a bar/theatre.

    I got an Acer projector, which came with a free 84" screen. I don't want to pay the $100NZ for a ceiling mount, so I'm making up a wooden box that can be bolted onto the metal roof supports. My next purchase will be the 5.1 surround sound and I'll use an old PC to do dvd/movie/music playback (yay for Windows MCE). I have some old couches and will get some barstools eventually.

    Finally, I'll build a small bar in the corner of the garage with a bar fridge and some shots dispensers (whatever the hell they are called). Im hoping to get this all done for under $2000NZ ($1000 of which was the projector).

    Pictures when I can be arsed.

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    2. Planky


      Lüt said:

      I sea what you did there.

      Lüt's title sez:
      17% cooler

      I just want to be cool like Lüt!

    3. Lüt


      Might I recommend the Kenmore 75050? It is very inexpensive, and despite not being Energy Star rated, it has enough features to manage your project. Granted, with an efficiency rating of 9.7, the Kenmore 75050 will cost 10% more to run each year than a similar-sized unit with an EER of 10.7, but you have to compare the savings with the usage rates. Otherwise, reviews say the Kenmore does a fine job cooling nice sized garages, and owners say it's quiet enough. The Kenmore 75050 has mechanical dials instead of digital controls, which I often find to be the most reliable tried-and-true method available.

    4. Planky


      Ergh. The projectors IR receiver doesn't work. The remotes battery is fine and giving off an IR signal, but the projector doesn't do anything*. I don't really want to lug the thing back into town. oh vell.

      *Not technically true, it does give a nice, bright image, I just can't change the zoom/image settings/etc