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  1. After the hardest interview of my life and a week of waiting, I was offered a Technical Engineer role at my work (think 3rd level support, dealing with servers rather than users).

    I'll be getting a decent pay raise, with a 6 month review that will increase said wage by a large amount. Part of the new contract also guarantees further pay increases on completion of certain MS qualifications, such as Windows 2008 Server Enterprise Admin.

    The downside of this is I'll be working in a contact centre with an insanely small desk (we don't even get cubicles!) thats only enough for a PC. I'm going to have a hard time with that, considering I currently have a huge corner desk and large IT setup area to work in at the clients site. It's also an hours extra travel each day.

    So I figure I will get some of the qualifications (which work will pay for) and leave after 6 or so months. After all, I'm only 23 and have been at the company for nearly three years now. Gotta have some fun while I'm still young :)

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    2. Kyka


      Are there other factors to consider in this situation? I don't know how labor laws and enterprise bargaining agreements between companies and employees work in the US but here in Australia, what you are doing would make perfect sense to do. Wages for skilled jobs such as engineers tend to be lower in the States than here, so there are good reasons to grab all the qualifications that you can now as well.

      'Course, on the other hand, sounds like you would be enduring more work related stress, and its always tough to put a dollar figure on that.

      Good luck with the decision. All things being equal, sounds like you will move ahead either way.

    3. Planky


      Being in NZ, our laws and whatnot are pretty similar to Australia.

      It has been more than a passing thought to shift to Oz - better job market, higher standard of living (dependent on where in Oz though)

    4. Kyka


      Sorry Planky... I just presumed you were somewhere in the US... I mean, lets face it, most people on this forum are from there.