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  1. Got myself a relatively cheap Honda Civic (1990) a few days ago after deciding my Diamante is costing me too much (mainly petrol, but the tires cost too much). Well, I say cheaper, but I used it as an excuse to get a car I can do up and sate the boyracer in me.

    To begin with I need to get it up to warrant of fitness standard so I can get it on the road, fortunately it is all minor stuff to repair.

    After that, I'll focus on the look of the car - new paint job, bodykit, large bore exhaust and alloys. I'm not going to change much of the interior, except to paint the plastic panels matte black. The front seats will also be replaced.

    Work on the engine will come last, mainly as I am not sure what to do with it - I lack experience/knowledge to make any decisions as of yet.

    Fun, expensive times ahead.

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    2. Bloodshedder
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      Planky said:


      Haha. Putting those wheels on it just makes it look like it's on stilts. Needs to be lowered like 2 or 3 inches in order to look any where near decent. And then it'll still look like a 1990 civic with crappy rims.

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      This thread needs an injection of barryboys.co.uk