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  1. Roughly a year or so ago I got myself this headless server called a Cobalt Qube from a local auction site. Bit of an impulse buy, certainly never heard of them or the company that made them before and seriously considered ripping the guts out and turning it into a beer cooler :รพ

    Inside is an AMD K2-600 CPU, 512MB of RAM and a 120GB HDD (I think the previous owner upgraded it) - no video or optical drive. Runs a variant of Centos called BlueQuartz.

    CPU and Memory sits on a daughterboard (mostly passive cooled, except of the case fan):

    Daughterboard removed:

    The rear of the case is pretty straight forward. 2xNICs, External SCSI and one spare PCI slot. Has a small control LCD which allows you check various stats/boot options/reboot/etc.

    I did try to get it running a dedicated server for Doom, but as it has no video whatsoever, none of the ports I've tried will work. At the moment its just running LAMP for various things (like hosting the above images) and from time to time a Teamspeak server.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      So is your server on the Odamex server list yet?

    3. Planky


      Was yesterday - just have to get round to setting it to run by itself, rather than me running it under my ssh session.

      Odamex has lots of empty servers :(

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Pretty cool little toy. Would make a nice NAS if you can get it to read large drives.

      Glad you got the x86 one instead of the weird obscure CPU one.