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  1. Handed in my resignation four weeks ago (have to give four weeks notice). Today is my last day, will be having TGIF drinks at work then going bar hopping. I think my weekend will be a write off. Then in 7 days time I'm flying to Brisbane for a long holiday and will start looking work once my funds run low.

    So fucking glad I quit, more so than the fact I'm moving countries. Doubt I'll work in an enterprise environment again for some years.

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    2. Planky


      Technician said:

      Ah, nigga, you don mess with my bro.

      Man, she just be dropping off iori's boyfriend.

    3. iori


      Planky's just angry that I pointed out her big nose ;)
      Run for the hills!

    4. Planky


      Lol, I told her about that the other day. She thinks the pic is floating around the net somewhere :D

      Right Brisbane ppl, get me a job!