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  1. Im in a rather good position at the moment, having had two months off from working and moving to Brisbane, I have had several job interviews and now two job offers in the IT arena.

    One is a System Engineer role, largely acting as backfill, working with multiple clients and taking on projects on top of that. Their business is expanding, so potentially more experience as time goes on. A large amount of their clients are using VMWare ESX, which suits me as I intend on specializing in the virtual aspect of IT.

    The second is a more senior engineer role at a larger company - one of the bigger vendors in Brisbane. Originally the interview was for a sys admin role, but based on the two interviews they had with me, they want me to go into their project space, dealing with VMWare, server implementation, infrastructure, etc. After the interview, they told me they had "Senior" engineers come in and they weren't able to answer the tech questions posed to them (E.g. describe an exchange cluster and how it connects to the internet) - Im certainly not a senior, yet able to answer it easily.

    Both are 6 month contracts, turning to permanent afterwards. Originally I was planning on going for the first role, but the second seems more attractive now (after a 2nd interview) and certainly puts me on the path for a senior engineer role.

    Off topic: I wrote two reviews for newstuff a while ago which is now been published. Think I might go review some more - its been so long since I played Doom for longer than 2 minutes, I forgot it can be enjoyable.

    1. Technician


      Great to hear.

    2. Khorus


      Good for you. :) Now, uhh, just survive that cyclone eh?

    3. Planky


      Heh, it was north of where I am. Missed out on the flooding too. Very lucky unlike others around us.

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