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  1. Just picked myself up a Sony Vaio netbook cheap - it was a returned one with no faults.

    First impressions, its nice and lightweight (though not compared to the mac book air I looked at), performs pretty well given its only got an single core Atom processor. Plenty of USB ports, external vga (hdmi would have been nice, but wouldnt handle hi def), memory card reader and 250gb hdd.

    It can play most of the indie games I've thrown at it (Braid, World Of Goo, Osmos, etc), though it cant play minecraft. Largely got it for portability (my hp luggable is too heavy), so have used it on flights and the train. Battery lasts approx 5 hours, which is fantastic.

    I know one of the developers of chocolate doom uses an eeepc, anyone else have one? What have you ended up using for?

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    2. Planky


      I got Ubuntu running on the network, works fairly well and allows me to play frozen bubble. Movie play back is glitchy for some reason - I use gstreamer on another machine without a problem, but it doesnt like this netbook. I get other weird behaviour, such as getting a dialog appear and the mouse stops working till I close it. Otherwise the UI generally behaves and the library of apps available is handy. I'll try slackware next.

      Bucket said:

      A netbook with a 16-32GB solid state drive would be ideal. I finally caved and bought one for my desktop; they're nice and speedy now.

      $400 for a 32Gb CF card is still a bit much for me. All I can think of is the multitude of other things I could buy. Still, impulse buying might change that.

      Edit: Looking around on Ebay, I can get them for around $100. Pays to shop around.

    3. Csonicgo


      I have an EeePC 900HD and I still am quite happy with it.

    4. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      Planky said:

      Its nice and fast on this machine, I'm yet to work out the keyboard and how it maps the buttons usually on the phone. Games work fine, wireless doesn't which is a shame. I might be able to work around that once I get the kernel source. Pop up menus (such as the power menu) make it run very slow. Usable as a machine? Not really, it needs more work to suit a keyboard/mouse. Nice being able to play the games that are too slow on my HTC Magic G1.

      Since mine has a touchscreen I think I can deal with the last issue. The wireless is another matter. It certainly would be a dual boot if anything, and I'm sure it couldn't be used as a working environment for much.