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  1. Awesome phone, quick and snappy. The screen is incredibly vibrant. I'm liking the Sense UI, though I am contemplating putting CyanogenMod on it. Miles ahead of the HTC Magic I had. Lack of physical KB doesnt bother me, but it rules out playing doom on here for now.

    Loaded a ton of games on last night and became addicted to one called Air Attack HD; brings back fond memories of 1942 on the C64 and similar games.

    I also pre-ordered Portal 2 on Steam. Nice to be earning enough to save/invest as well as having some play money for once.

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    2. ReFracture


      Mancubus II said:

      I put on the samsung-provided 2.2 update right off the bat.

      Where did you get the 2.2 update? Whenever I try to update on mine it tells me that it's already up to date.. yet it's running 2.1 still.

    3. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      It appears the links I was using on the samsung website are no longer functional. They're expecting to roll out another update "soon". I don't see why it was pulled back except for a small percentage of people had some issues.

    4. Maes


      I finally unlocked my ZTE blade to its full potential of 512 MB RAM (I restored the official Greek ROM though, no 2.2 fucking around for now) and if before it poured OVER 100 concrete mixers into a certain Veblen good-type smartphone users' figurative asses, now it now it pours WELL OVER 9000.