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  1. Been in Brisbane for nearly 6 months now. Found a like minded individual while flat hunting and we've signed a lease for a newly built three bedroom town house. Will be nice having my own room and a fair bit more privacy than my relatives place.

    I've also been in my job for 3 months, really enjoyed it. Up until they laid off their projects staff and dumped their work on me. Stress level went up and was fairly sure they were going to have some project failures as a result, but that has turned around (I can now add BlackBerry Migration/Upgrade and Project management on my CV).

    Am looking to buy a second hand Hyundai Excel to enter at the local racetrack as they have a Hyundai class there. They only allow stock cars so the entry cost is quite low compared to the other classes. Basically find a car, strip the interior, get a roll cage (stupid not to get one) and a decent set of tires and thrash the shit out of it.

    Also, never trust your aunty to "fix your sideburns"