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  1. After many years of using laptops, I've started thinking of building a PC. I use to build PCs frequently and was up with the hardware back then. Over time I got sick of lugging large PCs/Monitors around and built a small PC (mATX, Mini Case), and a while after I switched to a laptop and didnt look back.

    Why am I looking to build a PC again? I would like more storage with redundancy than what external drives can provide. There are also certain Steam games I can't play due to my laptops hardware.

    So this is what Im looking at the moment:

    Western Digital Scorpio 320G SATA 7200RPM 16M notebook HDD
    Kingmax 8G(2x4G)PC-10600 1333MHZ DDR3
    Lian Li PC-T60B ATX/Micro Test Bench Black
    AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0Ghz AM3 95W
    Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 AMD SB785 4xDDR3 8CH Audio GLAN SATA3 RAID USB3,0
    Thermaltake TR2 470W PSU
    eVGA GTX550 OC 550TI DDR5 1G HDMI
    Viewsonic VX2453MH 23.6"W LED 2ms DSUB SPK HDMI

    You may ask why the notebook harddrive. The reason is the case I intend on getting. This will run the OS and leave me three bays for 3x2TB harddrives running RAID 5.

    Of course RAID is not a backup, so will be looking to use my external drive for that and setting the drives up in a way so I can separate the important-must-backup data and stuff I can replace/redownload/etc.

    The GFX card I'm not sure on - as I mentioned I stopped custom building a fair while ago and no longer up with recent developments. As far as I can tell, it will be more than up to the task of running what I want. I'm not concerned about running everything at max, but would like to play with an HD TV from time to time at the native resolution...

    Any thoughts?

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    2. Xeros612


      I'm not a gamer, for one. Fuck being associated with that mess. For another, I can use the control panel to force things like AA and Ambient Occlusion in games like STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl where there are no console commands for it. (And the in-game AA bar is fake AA.)

    3. hervoheebo


      Yeah, for example Oblivion has no AA in-game unless you use bloom instead of HDR. As Bethesda doesn't give two shits about patching or fixing bugs, you have to force AA externally. With an NVidia card I can toggle AA on for oblivion.exe only but Catalyst requires me to change the global settings. I really haven't looked at it much but to me it seems that Catalyst has a lot less options in total.

    4. Bucket


      That really seems to be the fault of Oblivion for having a glitchy rendering engine.

      But yeah... I did a Google search to find out what you meant and it took me five seconds to discover some fanmade graphics drivers.