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  1. CreamCheese

    There.. there are no hell razers are there :(

    I'm hoping there's a Summoner + Archville battle, that would be epic fighting sharkgirl and lavaboy
  2. I reckon its just a support that when in the area will just have some kind of spell/aura cast on all the enemies which just makes them keep coming back to life until you kill him.
  3. CreamCheese

    There.. there are no hell razers are there :(

    I think they look compatible with the art style
  4. I just realized we didn't see any Hell Razers.. and that is sad af, I love those dudes.
  5. CreamCheese

    Weapon theories

    Yeah there seems to be a lot of weird details, like the Ballista clearly being designed by whoever designed the Praetor suit and the armor for the Marauder. And whoever designed the rocket launcher also designed the DoomHunter's mechanical parts, and then there is the kind of, lets call it the soul-foundry in the concept art that also looks very similar to the DoomHunter and rocket launcher. We can sort of deduce that the person behind the praetor suit and ballista is NOT the same as whoever is building these terminator-themed technology, the wretch is probably behind the former and some other entity is behind the latter. Toooo much speculation. The terminator-esque tech doesn't remind me of anything from Argent D'nur or the Night Sentinels really, there is way too much going on here and they better fucking make sense of it Hugo you know wtf is up please don't make us wonder.
  6. CreamCheese

    Original Doom songs you want to see return

    The Bunny/EndGame song, not necessarily the happy part but the sick ass motoric at 0:24 its got a bit of a death'n'roll vibe. I also just fucking hope there's acoustic guitar somewhere in the OST like even as a small stinger that was the ONE THING THAT THE HELL LEVELS LACKED IN DOOM16 WAS EVIL SOUNDING ACOUSTIC GUITAR FINGERPICKING
  7. CreamCheese

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    I agree, i nfact I basically said that in my prior comment about Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series, there is a "recieved" ideology of American Exceptionalism and Jingoism, that is subconsciously reproduced.
  8. CreamCheese

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    On the other hand I fucking hate how people think we shouldn't do media analysis, all media produced in all society's is a reflection of recieved wisdom and values and deconstructing them is quite important. Like the Tom Clancy games are obviously not meant to make a serious political statement, but its a reflection of a Neo-conservative, "end of history" liberal democratic hegemony where force is justified in the pursuit of opening markets, even Tom Clancy himself was profoundly neo-conservative, the enemies in all Tom Clancy games are always either commies or hardcore nationalists. A perfect example of how the logic of the market can compromise an authentic vision is the cancellation of Rainbow Six: Patriots, where-in the "bad guys" were to be populist americans who's ideology was really economic populism, but their methods of course were more like the RAF in West Germany, the reason why that game couldn't be made? People want acceptable enemies, Nazis and Soviets are acceptable enemies in modern day United States. Instead the next Rainbow Six game decides to have no storyline whatsoever, its a multiplayer only game.
  9. CreamCheese

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    Okay so this is the cynic in me but I disagree that all art is "political" in the sense y'all mean it, this is shit that is board-driven, focus tested, etc. the only ideology that guides it is liberal capitalism, is the logic of the market, its broad massive appeal in order to meet the desired returns of equity holders. This is actually more damning for game developers where-in the industry has moved from purely a small packaged product like DooM 1, to games-as-a-service, with high operating costs, just look at the recent controversy with Red Dead Redemption's labor relations, this is the kind of labor intensity that drives the industry, equity wants a return, it can't be too sincere to any artists vision, it can't take its time, there are deadlines, there are quotas, and thus for developers, there are compromises. Whilst I agree with criticizing, lets basically admit it, opportunistic cranks who want to string a narrative of corporations and human resources managers being "cultural marxists", there is a legitimate grievance to be had with the overtly political posturing of a lot of media products now, in that any political posturing a product does now is purely marketing that takes advantage of this bizarre time where people think the culture wars are so important you have to red-pill and proselytize every fandom, create x-gate's out of every scene, etc. Whilst I think DooM is a sincere and authentic expression of the artists will, any attempt to say ohh "its about how corporations will fuck up the planet for profits" or "its about the great replacement (lol)" is silly, id has been in the business for a long time, any anti-PC posturing or middle fingers to large corporations are well calculated moves to appeal to a time when people are sick of big corporations and PC culture.
  10. CreamCheese

    Favorite primary weapon from reveal

    My suspicion is the Chaingun will just be a mod for Heavy Cannon this time around, and instead of being carried underarm Jesse Ventura style it will be carried with a pistol grip B J Blaskowicz style.
  11. CreamCheese

    Favorite primary weapon from reveal

    I don't like it, the demontech look is terrible
  12. ok so.. is he not a dimension travelling former USMC? damn it. I
  13. CreamCheese

    The Doom universe? Anyone else interested?

    Idunno i played a lot of weird wads like Alien Vendetta, Eternal, Deus Vult, etc. that all felt like Doom to me. Remember the MAP30 on TNT?
  14. CreamCheese

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    i kind of regret that it was posted here like, i had to avoid it in every single forum on eternal and then it comes to doomworld, if i was a mod i'd delete this post but sersly, you've just discovered that people who conflate serious political discussion with rant vids on youtube by unqualified people are dumb, thats like, finding out that water is wet. I don't watch any of these youtube political rant types, i honestly kinda despise that its become so big, but you're seriously just trying to deflect here dude. Just admit that the clickbait conservative ranters on youtube were had, admit that they looked stupid, and move on bro.
  15. CreamCheese

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    someone's just trying to do damage control tbh, i mean shaun's content is absolute shite pretty much every culture commentator passing off talking about star wars as a serious political commentary is fucking shite, buttt really youre calling the kettle black because you're upset someone showed how stupid the redpilled "haha stupid leftists" crowd is, which is like loserish and shows you've got a stick up your butt lol.