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  1. Otus

    (Indirect) Doomslayer Face Reveal?

    Even though it´s not from Eternal, at least for Doom 20016 there is a face model (at 2:28 onwards) ... Looks a bit like Earl Hindman, maybe thats the reason for the face mystery.
  2. Otus

    The "BUT" Thread

    First i didn´t came up with the laziness. I just used it in the context of the posting before. Second, even if it´s not laziness, i would call it at least a lack of creativity regarding the design of the new enemies. They look very generic. But i could imagine that the word generic is considered as a "hater-term" as well as cartoonish or whatever? How is it possible to tell that i dislike some aspects without getting labeled as dumb or hater or something else?
  3. Otus

    The "BUT" Thread

    You are right. Complaining just on principle to conter the hype is pointless. But dont you think that there are complains too that are made because people reconsidered it? IF SO one could turn around your argument calling every critique as "must find a flaw" is caused by blind hype or "must love everything they show".
  4. Otus

    The "BUT" Thread

    If the "new" they came up with is some ugly generic POS like the 2016 Hell Guard or Eternals Hoovertankdualchainsawwhatsoever then i prefer the redesign of the old sprites by far. For me its more lazy and boring to see that the new created enemies looking like out of the toys "r" us halloween corner.
  5. Otus

    The "BUT" Thread

    I almost couldn´t stand the waiting to see the gameplay but as i saw it i skiped already in the half of it because i did not liked what i see. Even after several times of watching it yet, it doesnt grow on me. Sure there are some aspects i really like but unfortunally, at least from what i have seen so far, i am very disapointed. - stupid humor now like the Caco swallowing the grenade and let it explode inside his body while only get a fat belly for a second. Or the "stomp the head between the shoulders" glory kill. Hopefully they dont add a banana peel as weapon to bring demons to fall aswell. - a lot recycled glory kills. Even the Arachnotron got the one from the pinky from Doom2016 when the slayer sticks the teeth in his eye. And the glory kills with the arm knife all feel weak (whats the point in adding the Predator stuff anyway?). Beating demons to red mush with berserk feelt so much more satisfying in Doom 1 & 2. I miss the punchy sound, the sound from the soggy mass, the flying gore and bone mash. There are so many glory kills that only feel dull. - maybe its not done yet and they will add it later, its a point i disliked at Domm 2016 already. Thats the stupid chunks and crumbling of the enemies. I liked how the guts where looking out of the dead Cacodemon on the old Doom games. Now they explode as if they where made out of solid rock. Also when using the BFG (so far for Doom 2016) it´s like smashing the terra cotta army. - the teeth / flesh hell architecture looks so genereic. A lot of the design in general looks generic. Maybe it will come in later levers but i hoped to see the wooden halls again, the green marble walls etc. The design in the old Doom games had a somewhat surreal tone here and there. Now its broken down to the real cheesy metal covers. - the "feeling ultra badass" gets already tired because you get it so obvious shoved in the face. I am sure they could add it a bit better between the lines and it would have worked as well. I am afraid with what they will come up next. Doom Slayer transforming into a BFG on wheels and shooting tripple blade chainsaws. By the way, i was expecting the chainsaw wihl have two blades this time. At least they only add this to this new designed and also very genereic demon. I could add so much more but maybe you get it already ... Shred me if you want, but so far i am just disapointed.
  6. Would be nice to see that printed on the box. I dont care if it is simply called Doom 2 or anything else as long as they release a sequel at all.
  7. Otus

    Doom coming to Nintendo Switch!

    Even tough i dont own a switch i think its great. More players who want to see a sequel then ;)
  8. Otus

    It's been months that DOOM 2016 was released~

    Maybe everyone (besides me) knows this already. It seems actually no SP DLC is planned ... https://dotesports.com/general/doom-campaign-dlc-16917
  9. Otus

    Place crazy weapon ideas here

    I always thought some kind of Voodoo Doll would be nice. But instead of sticking needles inside you could break legs, arms or twist the neck. For exmple if a enemie is running towards you and you could break his leg. And imagine when ripping out the dolls strawfilling ....
  10. Otus

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    hmm ... sounds plausible.
  11. Otus

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    The shown gameplay looks really great. It appears to be more dynamic or faster than TNO. Does anybody know if it was PC or console footage? Some gameplay videos show that you have to push the X or [] button to pick something up while in other videos it says push E. And what happened to Frau Engel? Why is her face like new?
  12. Otus

    It's been months that DOOM 2016 was released~

    From all the shooters i played during the last years is DOOM 2016 the one i like the most. Recently i tried Wolfenstein TNO again and still dislike it. The gunplay and the intense fighting moments are great, but there is too much other stuff that spoils this game for me. But running around in DOOM with the double barrel shotgun never gets old (for me). There are some things i wish the new DOOM wouldn´t miss. One thing is that the enemies in the old DOOM games appeared way more "hate driven". It was more intense in the old games hearing the scream of the revenant, turning around and you just see his fist flying in your face. The new revenant maks these bitchslaps, thats a bit disappointing. Or i miss the angry faces of the chaingunners while they unload their bullets in your flesh. More infights would be nice, too. It would also be nice to have some fights in large open places like the courtyard for example. But on the other hand maybe this does not work with the behaviour of the enemies in the new game. Maybe you would be surrounded to fast by all the demons. My bigges complain is the hell guard fight. This thing looks and behaves just retarded. But all in all there is no other game i enjoyed more the last years. Hopefully there will be some DLC SP content in the future.
  13. Otus

    Favorite glory kills?

    Whats the glory kill they are doing on the second imp here? Its not the jaw ripping from behind. I cant remember that i have seen this one alredy ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIj3YnvB8qY
  14. Otus

    Any bad playthroughs out there?

    Maybe there is no full playthrough but there was a reviewer who was really bad at the game. Here is some footage ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3pQ0oO_cDE
  15. Otus

    Doom - Bloodfall now available

    I dont know how serious you can take this, but if it is true what this guy is talking then there is more snapmap content coming. At least if i understand correctly what he is talking - english is not my first language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l_JdkTvNAc&t