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  1. I'm trying make a map using gzdoom builder. I've made some 3D floors, and want my character to spawn on top of one of them (he one at the very top). Currently, he only spawns on the bottom floor, even if I've adjusted his height to the correct one. Below a few pictures that illustrate my problem: Here is how the 3D floors were made in the builder: Here is how doomguy is placed (3d view mode), as you can see he is on the top floor: Here is how he ends up in game, on the floor level:
  2. ArneSaknussemm

    Putting player start on a 3d floor.

    it says "could not find map MAP01" I've also used an example MAPINFO to make mine, see below, but still got the same message. map MAP01 "my map" { levelnum 1 titlepatch CWILV00 next MAP02 secretnext MAP02 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 5 par 30 music D_RUNNIN UsePlayerStartZ } Sorry, giving another read to the MAPINFO documentation on ZDoomwiki I've managed to fix my code: map MAP01 "my map" { levelnum = 1 titlepatch = "CWILV00" next = "MAP02" secretnext = "MAP02" sky1 = "SKY1", 0 cluster = 5 par = 30 music = "D_RUNNIN" UsePlayerStartZ } I was clearly missing syntax. As for the "could not find map MAP01" message, it seems to me no configuring DOOM Launcher properly. Launching it directly from Doom Builder (or directly on gzdoom) is working fine and the original problem, the player's start z being ignored, has been fixed.
  3. ArneSaknussemm

    Putting player start on a 3d floor.

    I gave a reading into it, and added a MAPINFO file to the wad using SLADE3. This is the code of it:map MAP01 lookup MAP01 { UsePlayerStartZ } It doesn't seem work though, as now I get a "could not find MAP01" error when I start the game. It doesn't matter what I put in it as well: map MAP01 my_map { UsePlayerStartZ } map MAP01 lookup my_map { UsePlayerStartZ } also don't work.
  4. Can anyone post an alternative download link? Realm 667 is down.