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  1. Neutrino

    The Inquisitor 3d

    It's actually unmissable, but you have quite a bit more to go before you get it. That would be one of my more significant complaints I guess. Depending on your build (if you are going for the primary strength and dexterity build), you can spend quite some time with sword only. And the amount of fighting you do before you reach the crossbow isn't exactly insignificant nor is it all easy, so that basic melee combat can become repetitive.
  2. Neutrino

    The Inquisitor III

    This is beyond impressive. Long, feature-rich action RPG running on GZDoom, with fantastic looking maps and remarkable level of polish.
  3. Bummer about AM2R being disqualified, even though I fully realize why it happened. Guy behind it really deserves some sort of award/wider recognition for his work, and the quality of it.
  4. I cannot guess if that is what he found funny (and i certainly don't find this funny), but so many active authors are putting more effort into their mods without expecting any sort of donation, let alone openly begging for them.
  5. I doubt that would have anything to do with BD-related controversy within Doom community though. Enderal is probably winning that anyway, going purely by the size of TES mod playerbase.
  6. Again, it's popularity rather than quality that gets you nominated. BD has a insanely huge playerbase, BD64 was covered by every other major gaming outlet out there etc... Heck, I would say that it received much more coverage than another nominee, Enderal, and we can all agree that they cannot even be compared as far as far as the quality and the sheer amount of work that went into them goes. It's tragic, but that's how things are.
  7. Eh, that has been bothering me too. There is SOME coverage of modding communities and their fruits on sites like RPS or PC Gamer, as well as some multiplatform ones, but it is pretty limited and more often than not it boils down to either those mods that already have mainstream popularity or something that catches writer's eye for being unusual and/or funny ("Look, a Seinfeld themed map", "Look, this guy spent hundreds of hours on a single map" etc...). Considering the size of certain modding communities and the playerbase they attract, you'd think that there wouldn't be a need for us to ask these sites to "dig deeper".
  8. These awards are basically popularity contests, kids. Yeah, Brutal mods are tasteless chaff and their author is racist drama queen with no respect for other modders, but thing is - as far as mainstream gaming visibility goes, no other Doom mod is anywhere near comparable to BD. And that visibility and popularity is what gets you nominated for awards like that one.
  9. Neutrino

    Ancient Aliens

    Typical extreme modern difficulty, but I'm not sure if there is a sense in complaining about that anymore. This trend isn't going anywhere, if anything it's getting more and more popular. I guess it can be appreciated for gorgeous and creative visuals even if one doesn't enjoy the way it actually plays.
  10. Neutrino

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    impcruncher's comment might be one of the laziest, least original attempts at hate/trolling I saw around here.
  11. This video is relevant, especially for those that like to pretend how recent CoD SP campaigns are bad:
  12. Not the first nor the last high profile game that suffered through basement dweller campaigning prior to its release, yet still sold tons and got excellent reviews.
  13. Hating on CoD is still considered to be cool, and it is easier for kiddies to join the bandwagon instead of putting some effort into forming an opinion of their own. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if fair share of those downvotes are a result of some sort of organised bombing campaign from one of the usual suspects. Game will still sell a ton though, this reminds me of that boycott against MW2 on PC, where every other member of "movement's" steam group was playing the game on its release day.
  14. Neutrino

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    And his explanation is spot on, so it is no wonder that following posters decided to conveniently ignore it. Paranoia/hate must flow.
  15. Neutrino

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    And you know that... how exactly? You have some insider info or something? I see no reason to doubt their words, and lack of SnapMap and multiplayer functionality is indeed a good reason to hold review copies back until launch day, as game would otherwise be incomplete and thus unfit for proper review.