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  1. daltontca

    Congrats to mordecai32 and Tritnew I guess

    My thoughts exactly. Doomguy looks wicked !
  2. daltontca

    Helix "easteregg"

    I believe on the same map there's a dead imp on the floor that seems to share the same colour scheme as the e3 imps. I have a screen shot but I'm typing this on my phone. I will upload it soon. Edit: Here it is ! Sorry for the wait ! https://yhoivw-bn1305.files.1drv.com/y3mry34TTyx6JwLV-JPEcbqGQYuVzu1YDwTi7htPpordFk-xoPwHK-UajvC-lnlQ8zqm7ndvQYygc_xWdnCR1ZGu5F7BPmQJ5PsD8skZ_r85IX0PSyhZt-Zkz11RkOXC_GWKo1QKQNBgfrUt9DjDa6uXkWEv9XDlMGe-hSI9UjZ0KY?width=1920&height=1080&cropmode=none
  3. daltontca

    Art direction and sound design

    I really can't see why you'd think Hell in the new Doom has anything remotely resembling hell from Doom64. The ambience, tone, colour paletes and soundtrack are world's apart. The level design for Hell in Doom64 felt like the temples and shrines were built FOR the demons and that souls of the damned would be tortured for eternity. Like giant rooms with flesh hanging from the ceiling and demonic portraits that double as booby-traps. Demonic cathedrals built with brick and wood, a very medieval feel. Which is ironic when the Doomslayer is the leader of the 'knight' sentinels. This new hell has more of an alien dimension vibe with pentagram's stuck on it. I don't feel at all trapped in a biblical interpretation of Hell. For me there was zero horror or fear in this new vision of hell. Cool place to double jump and kill demons, but nothing scary. ...could just be me though.
  4. daltontca

    The very beginning of the game

    If you read the codex entries it implies they've already opened the sarcophagus but he was protected by a barrier of argent energy. "Whether he is god, demon or human will remain undetermined until the Argent barrier protecting his body can be deactivated." "...Once tethered and returned to the UAC, the sarcophagus was studied and first opened at the Lazarus Labs, but went missing a few weeks later. It was believed that Samuel Hayden had the body and Praetor suit moved and hidden to keep it secure, although why he considered it to be under threat is unknown."
  5. daltontca

    Codex Environments Glitch? (Please Check)

    For now its just the Marineguy collectibles. I had a bunch, now I only have a few. That and the classic maps. Some of them dont unlock the full map in the classic maps menu.
  6. daltontca

    Codex Environments Glitch? (Please Check)

    I get that all the time as well. Ive also had a problem with the UAC Marineguy collectables not unlocking. Then I tried going back to get them and they arent there :/
  7. daltontca

    Demons, Power Weapons & Power Ups

    Maybe its just me, and I know its NOT who Im talking about, BUT... when the announcer says "Baron of Hell" theres a subtle hint of Steve Downes (Master Chief) there... just my two cents !
  8. daltontca

    Stuff I noticed in the Multiplayer Trailer

    I'm sure due to technical limitations the bodies will disappear over time, but I'm pretty id software put alot more emphasis on the gore than the 3 COD studios. It might just be that seeing gibs flying all over the place isn't the focus for COD. In either case it's absolutely welcome in Doom lol.
  9. daltontca

    Stuff I noticed in the Multiplayer Trailer

    Awesome thanks ! I'll see if I can edit the original post to reflect this :)
  10. daltontca

    Stuff I noticed in the Multiplayer Trailer

    Thanks man ! It's my first try at it :P
  11. So just some things I would like to point out in the new Multiplayer trailer that particularly caught my eye and may or may not fuel my hype train. Ill try to go through these things chronologically so if you watch the trailer you can follow along. If youd like... Im not going to make you lol First up, the gore. Yes!! Its in the multiplayer. I was a bit worried that bodies would vanish quickly or that the blood would be minimal (a la COD or BF). This scene clearly has bodies (full or half), gibs and pools of blood all over the place telling the player a crazy battle took place. It also gives a quick glance at some of the armor customization. More on this later. The next bit we get is a first look at some kind of energy wall. I do believe this sort of equipment mechanic was mentioned in the gameinformer articles along with few others that will come up in the trailer. This quick look at the Vortex Rifle was super brief and I almost missed it. What I noticed here was that this particular Vortex Rifle is sporting a weapon skin. Definitely not the Grey/White variant we saw in the Alpha video. Quickly after the player pops a shot off with the Vortex Rifle, he hops up a lift and switches to his shotgun. Now I noticed 3 things about this following setup. First, the shotgun is clearly the Grenade Launcher mod mentioned in GameInformer. Second, he has equipped a new piece of equipment (I cant remember the name of this device but it seems to show enemies through walls within a short radius). Third, this could very well be the Hell Armor included in the preorder bonus. I could be wrong though. A user here on the forums mentioned it looks alot like the Hayabusa armor from Halo and I completely agree. Maybe its just me, but Im damn excited the Heavy Machinegun made it into Multiplayer. Right after the machine gun, he swaps to his Rocket Launcher and makes his way to a portal. Its just a small detail thing, but this portal here has a different effect compared to the alpha version. Maybe an aesthetic change. I didnt see a problem with the old one. Oh well ! And the heck is this player dancing around the demon rune for ? Just pick it up ! Baron of Hell. Pretty self explanatory. Also, holograms! We've seen this game mechanic before, but I think its a nice diversion tool in what may be some hectic gunbattles. Then we get a new look at what Ive dubbed "Gauss Vision", the wallhack mechanic specific to the Gauss Cannon. Again, its different from its Alpha counterpart. Now to wrap this up, we get a look at a new demon! Could be any of the ones named in the Alpha Leak, but Ill let you speculate as to what/who it may be. *Edit: it's been announced that this demon is indeed the Prowler. While his full range of attacks or abilities have only been teased at this point, he certainly seems to be a lot of fun. Also some Quad-Damage (the announcer... meh) and a new gun! What this laser spewing deathmachine is actually called is anyones guess. Looks mighty weird, but meh. Also a quick look at an outdoor section of a multiplayer map (or perhaps the whole level is outdoors...) And we end with a Mancubus (the military variant weve seen in some concept art) forcibly having an armcannon shoved into his face. Beautiful ! Well thats it for my LENGTHY observations. If theres anything you may have spotted or wish to correct/add to this, feel free to do so !
  12. Its especially difficult for us Canadians, cause weve only got the two options (in retail anyways). The standard or collectors editions. I love the revenant statue, but Im not gonna fork over 200 bucks for it. Not while people over seas get the UAC pack. The hell is that !? They get this cool compromise between a standard and CE while we dont ? Revenant goes AHHHHHH !
  13. daltontca

    New Bethesda.net article on SnapMap

    Ever since Halo's forge got way to indepth for me to use, Ive avoided in game map makers. But Snapmap has me going back to the Timesplitters days. Those kinds of map makers I liked !
  14. daltontca

    Gloves or full Body armor?

    Man, if they rebooted Quake, it would make total sense to have exposed arms. Especially since Quake focused more on inter-dimensional travel and magic than science fiction. Its just weird how divided Quake got. Started off with the whole H.P. Lovecraf vibe, then just went facefirst into Sci-Fi with the Strogg :/
  15. daltontca

    Gloves or full Body armor?

    I'm not sure how pollution would make the surface of mars more habitable lol... but I suppose the author had to have some sort of explanation for how things worked in the game. As for the new Doom, the screenshots and campaign trailer seem to suggest that its still very "unterraformed". Im not saying the original doomguys aesthetic doesnt work (it sure did 20 years ago and influenced many "spacemarine" looks still to this day), but like everything else in Doom, it needed modernizing. These are just my 2cents though.