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  1. The_Third_Dino

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Item Life: You play as an healing item on the ground, you can't move and can only win if the Doom Guy picks you up.
  2. rivers cuomo weezer snuggie

  3. The_Third_Dino

    Doom and Horror

    1. I think so. The creepy atmosphere and sometimes haunting music really lets out a spooky vibe. Imagine you're playing doom in the middle of the night with the only light in the room being from your computer screen. The Gothic, hellish design of the levels and the monsters surrounding you, I think, is very horrific. 2. I think a lot of the hell levels are pretty spooky. The mancubus's design always kinda creeped me out too. Speaking of older FPS's, I think Blood does horror very well. 3. I don't really know how i'd do it, but I wouldn't do it like Doom 3 that just has spooky whispering and monsters sneaking up on your ass every turned corner.
  4. I like BD a lot. But I don't really prefer it over all non-BD wads
  5. I just finished it and found the map design to be my favorite part about it. The city-scape being my favorite. So what are some other wads with interesting environments and cool design?
  6. The_Third_Dino

    Is the Doom RPG worth playing?

    Have you guys played the Doom/Wolfenstein RPGS on Mobile? If so, are they any good? I've heard a lot about them, but I'm wondering if they're worth checking out or not.
  7. The_Third_Dino

    The Cyberdemon

    That really does look much better. with that minor of a change, I won't be surprised if id changes in a similar way before release since it's so little.
  8. The_Third_Dino

    Strife/Strife Veteran Edition players?

    I play Strife VE! Though I'm not the best at it.
  9. I always thought a Gargoyle type monster would be cool, I know they are in Heretic, but I think it would fit in Doom, Just make them more skinny and creepy looking than the ones in Heretic. As for weapons, I think a plasma pistol would be a cool upgrade to the regular pistol, Like the Shotgun and The Super Shotgun.
  10. The_Third_Dino

    Should the story be almost nonexistent?

    It did, but mostly through manuals. in the game itself, there was barely any story, just a few screens with text, and that's it.
  11. The_Third_Dino

    Should the story be almost nonexistent?

    Would you like the story to be like the original Doom games and be close to nothing or would you prefer a deeper story than that? Personally, I wouldn't mind it like Doom 3, where the start of the game is a little story heavy, but it gets going fast.