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  1. Ricki

    Doom Movie Questions

    I hadn't heard of them before until i found out they were doing the Doom movie figures. Take a look here at the url below. They have a preview of their HellKnight figure. http://www.first4figures.com/productlist.asp?rangeid=4&seriesid=5 It is the same company who makes GI JOE apparently.
  2. Ricki

    Doom 3 On PS3?

    i've only heard of Matlock from when the old people talk about him on the Simpsons. I don't know if it has ever been on TV or anything over here in Australia.
  3. Ricki

    Doom Movie Questions

    1. What do you think of the footage so far? I think the footage so far looks quite promising. 2. Do you think you'll like it or dislike it? I think i will like it. I may dislike some of the story elements but i'm not too sure until i've seen the finished product. I hope i walk out of the cinema loving the movie and hoping for a sequel. 3. What do you think of the FPS sequences? I think the FPS sequences shown so far look ok, but not great. I hope they pollish it up before the movie is released. ---- I am personally looking forward to action figures aswell. Not to play with, but for the collectible side of things. I hope First4Figures do a good job on them. I also wouldn't mind if they made a cartoon series of DOOM. As long as they keep it along the same kind of story as either the games or the movies. It will get a next generation of people into DOOM. Spread it as much as possible i say! As long as they don't turn it into shit.
  4. Ricki

    Mobile Doom RPG Reviewed

    http://www.doomrpg.com has alot of good info. All the items, enemies, etc. I can't wait to get this for my phone.
  5. Ricki

    Hell on Earth

    i guess it would be an expansion pack.
  6. Ricki

    Doom 3 on PS2?????

    it does, because i am a huge fan of the ps2 aswell but there is just no way in hell that Doom 3 would look good on it. the graphics would have to be lower than low with no effects for it to even run. If you have a pc with at least minimum requirements, then buy it for PC.
  7. Ricki

    Doom 3 on PS2?????

    nope sorry. the ps2 does not have the kind of power needed to run doom 3. only the xbox is getting doom 3.
  8. Ricki

    WOOHOO filters.. Har

    thanks for that. i tried it on Ultra and it looked brilliant. Tried it on High and it also looked brilliant. i didn't notice too much improvement in the performance, but the fps did go up a bit. thanks. good find.
  9. Ricki

    Original Chainsaw guy

  10. Ricki


    glad i'm not the only one. lol
  11. the full game is alot more scary than that dodgy looking alpha, which wasn't even an alpha. the only thing that does seem a little dulled down is weapon fire smoke, like stated above.
  12. Ricki

    doom 3 = average

    why is d e f i n i t e l y ^^^^^^^^^ censored in my post??
  13. Ricki

    doom 3 = average

    I am ********ly not dissapointed with this game. Being a huge fan of the original games since they first arrived, i had HUGE expectations. They have not only matched my expectations but they have greatly surpassed them all with Doom 3. No other game has felt this involved and frightening. It is an amazing piece of gaming artwork. If you do not have Doom 3 yet, GO BUY IT!!
  14. Ricki

    Workaround for DM "server full" error

    i've played it online plenty of times already and i have had no problems what so ever.....