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  1. Can we assume that a weaker player is interested in the same kind of fun? Maybe they would rather just walk around, appreciate the scenery and mow down easy targets without having to deal with some pesky cybersniper all the time. Perhaps a player's abilities somewhat dictate his preferences as well, which would mean that lower skill levels should cater to other play styles instead of being more accessible versions of UV.

  2. Yeah, I killed that bastard but today there are more. One already dead and there is at least one more still hiding somewhere. Currently I just do the usual stuff on my computer and wait for the mosquito to appear between my eyes and the monitor (that's when it's really really easy to spot it). Somehow most of the time I can't find it by just going around the room and looking everywhere. I tried using a blanket to make some wind and hopefully make it fly but no luck so far.

    I dunno, I used to be more calm about this stuff in childhood but nowadays they somehow piss me off a lot more. And they seem much more clever than in the past. Maybe I will try that cheese thing.

  3. Apparently the contest winner was announced in the December 1994 issue of PC Zone. I guess it won't be easy to locate it now.
    This is the best I could find: http://web.archive.org/web/20090722121700/http://www.robinnixon.com/pczone/

    Wanna pay 10 euro for a piece of Doom history? If someone has spare money, it's on eBay right now:

  4. You can minimize even in windowed mode, can't you? Do you have it, like, active somewhere, or is it "hidden" in the bottom Windows panel (donno how you call it in English)? I'm almost 100% sure that your problem is related do this because I've seen this exact effect when viddumping in OpenGL with a minimized window.

  5. Viscra Maelstrom said:

    people have uploaded mods made by people on the ZDoom forums without their permission, and the authors can't do anything to remove them from there. that's mainly the reason, i would think.

    It's a database. The IMDB staff doesn't have to call fucking Steven Seagull every time they want to mention him.

  6. Hey man.

    I like the idea but unfortunately at the moment I'm very bored of Doom (not surprising considering that I'm responsible for more FDAs/speedruns/maps/servers/reviews/posts than most people ever will). So if we play this match right now I won't be able to enjoy it fully.

    Maybe if some time passes I will get excited about the game again just like 4-5 years ago when it meant so much to me. Maybe I've had my lifetime quota of Doom and it will never be awesome like it used to be. Who knows.

    I'll bump this thread when/if the time comes.

  7. If something is operated by a S1/SR/W1/WR/G1/GR action, it needs a tag. D1/DR doors don't need a tag.

    Ammo/health was tight but enough I think. Maybe some people will have problems with it, but they can choose another difficulty level I guess. Though it's funny how sometimes on UV you get a baron while on HMP you get an arch-vile, which is more dangerous in a way.

  8. Wow, this is very challenging, I was begging for a medikit or a box of ammo the whole time. Here is a demo of my playthrough, but I cheated by exploiting a bug with the locked doors (you're using an S1 action with a zero tag, which in classic ports means that the action is applied to all non-tagged sectors, so pretty much everything opens). Also some cacodemons opened the secret rocket launcher room for me, maybe you can fix that by giving the secret door a "secret/shown as 1-sided" flag.

    I guess you haven't learned the "deaf/ambush" flag and the "block sound" lines yet? When I shoot, a lot of nearby monsters hear me. In this map it actually works nicely I think (they start attacking from all directions, which is very pressuring) but you need to learn these things at some point. They are used a lot in most levels.

    If you're looking for improvements, maybe you can work on the lighting more. In some areas pretty much all sectors have the same brightness, which can seem a little bland.