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  1. Just curious. I'm not the happiest person in the world, sometimes I get kinda scary thoughts but so far I prefer trying to become happier by myself, slowly learning to appreciate life more, stuff like that. If you feel comfortable talking about this, please tell about your experiences with psychologists\antidepressants (did they help at all?) or why you're also avoiding them even though it is possible that you might need them.

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    2. TheNerdTurtle2


      I've gone to a therapist before and it's fine or whatever and it helped but I honestly don't think I have depression anymore. It's basically I have two modes: I'm really happy and excitable and everything is awesome. I have a girlfriend and a job and Doom and games and life is great and I love everything (except people I am not a people person at all I want basically everyone to die haha) or I feel nothing. Like nothing makes me happy or smile. I'm not sad, I just feel no energy. But I'm not tired it's really weird, and then sometimes when I'm in this state I just get really angry and can't stop it. And then I scream to myself for not knowing why I'm mad which in turn gets me madder and it kinda escalates until I find something to calm my nerves (usually Doom with headphones in the dark but sometimes even that doesn't work). I wish I knew what it was that makes me feel like that but maybe I'm bipolar? Idk, I just live with it

    3. plums


      That sounds exactly like bipolar disorder. There are definitely things you can do for it, and I'd recommend trying something, whether it be seeing a therapist, CBT or similar programs, medication, meditation, or anything else. Even just learning how not to blame yourself and accept your negative feelings can help a lot.

      While I'm posting here, I guess I'll say that I and a number of people I know are on antidepressants and have had our lives improved by them. They're far from perfect solutions, and it can take a while to find one that affects you in a positive way (and some people might never find one), and they can have side effects; they're also made by for-profit companies which can be interested in pushing them, resulting in over-prescription for people that don't necessarily need them. But to call them "evil" or to think that all mental health care is a money-grubbing scam is misguided at best and dangerous at worst.

      I get where the attitude comes from, especially in the States with a healthcare system that can bankrupt you, but the idea that all antidepressant medication and therapy is bad for everyone strikes me as ignorant, paranoid, and unscientific.

    4. MZLXS


      Well of course not all the Pharmaceuticals are evil there are many people who's lives have been saved and changed for the better. I am referring to the medications that have harmfull acids, little researched compound chemicals, "Unknown Substances", proven highly toxic chemicals, addictive chemicals etc. I know somebody who is bipolar and schizophrenic. They take Geodon which is lithium. Lithium is found in the spodume crystal. When they take it they are in a trance like state. Hardly able to comprehend the world around them. That's more for a violent type which they were not. The doctor knew what they were doing. many (not all) have turned their backs to the Hippocratic Oath for profit getting in bed with the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

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