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  1. You are on a gameshow. You are presented with three doors. Behind two of the doors are goats, behind the third is a sportscar.

    You choose a door. The presenter then opens one of the other doors, revealing a goat. You now have the option of choosing to open the original door you selected, or changing your mind and opening the other remaining door. Whatever is behind the door you open, you get to keep. Which is the better choice?

    1. kuchitsu


      Goat said:

      which door am i behind :O

      OK, this made me laugh out loud. :)

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  2. I was just watching one of the recent Tropes vs. Women in Video Games documentaries on YouTube (Women as Reward) and I was shocked at how many games assume that you are a heterosexual male and that you want titillation in your video games. In one of them, you advance in the game by browsing through copies of Playboy. All I can say is that I'm glad that my favourite game, Doom, doesn't have any of that (literal) wankery.