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  1. youraverageamir

    A generic tech base level. (Joke WAD)

    yeah, at the time i thought it would be better to keep the trick a surprise, but in hindsight i should have explained the trick in the op. ill edit the post.
  2. youraverageamir

    A generic tech base level. (Joke WAD)

    ok, i apologise for uploading this. i didnt upload it because i wanted to make a bad level to get attention, i uploaded it because i thought atleast some people would find the skybox trick entertaining, but i guess i was wrong. i'll only upload genuine levels from now on.
  3. youraverageamir

    A generic tech base level. (Joke WAD)

    how is this piece of shit getting more attention than my project A level. aka the one i actually put work into
  4. youraverageamir

    Favorite midis?

    i think this one has to be my favourite. it had me laughing for 5 minutes straight when i first heard it.
  5. youraverageamir

    Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge)

    map 4 doesn't have a working level exit
  6. does anyone else get this error when trying to attach files? some files i try to upload get the error no matter what, others upload just fine. its annoying as hell.

    1. Misty


      Me too.Maybe your internet speed is way too slow. Use external file share pages,like imgur for screenshots and for wads dropbox. 

  7. youraverageamir

    A generic tech base level. (Joke WAD)

    A generic tech base level in the video game DOOM. (Basically just a level showing off a little trick with skyboxes, an illusion of there being a room in front of you, but you can't actually move around it.) (Requires UDMF) Download: uacbase.zip
  8. youraverageamir

    Project A (UDMF REQUIRED)

    *Level requires a source port that supports UDMF format. OpenGL rendering recommended. The level also requires jumping, crouching, and freelook.* After getting reports of a demon outbreak in an UAC base located in Arizona, you and your squad are sent into the base to stop the outbreak, and investigate the "Project A"... A one level WAD that's roughly 5 minutes long, with a medium difficulty. Designed to be played on UV, on singleplayer, although there are co-op spawns and the level works quite well on deathmatch. Any and all criticism of the level is welcome. DOWNLOAD: https://www.sendspace.com/file/eha8c1 UPDATE: Added different music and fixed some minor texture errors. Screenshots: *Skybox image created by u/danielthornton, all other custom textures created by me.
  9. jewewewdsadwa.png.a51862270ba2a2df4dca460b1024e46d.png


    screenshot from a level im working on

    1. Fonze


      Pretty colors; architecture looks like it could use more loving though :)

  10. youraverageamir

    Devil Trauma

    It's competently made, and it's not too bad for a first attempt, but it's ultimately quite bland. The only interesting part of the level is the various teleporters (although it's initially confusing to figure out that the way you walk into the teleporters affects where you end up). Other than that, it's just your bog-standard level. Not bad, but not good either.
  11. youraverageamir

    Cataboom Reloaded

    It's clear that a lot of effort went into this, and I guess you could say this level is objectively good, but I didn't enjoy playing it. The level is labyrinthine, and even when I knew where I was going it was monotonous to play.