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  1. DefilerPhil47

    Doom 3 didn't need a USE key

    DOOM 3's GUI worked for DOOM 3 and was great in DOOM 3 because it was very immersive, but as Dragonfly said, if implemented in DOOM 2016, it would kill momentum.
  2. DefilerPhil47

    Eternal release date...i bet u...

    haHA this tweet aged very well. I'm upset but not disappointed! If they are spending more time on the game that's a good thing, and DOOM 64 being released EVERYWHERE is also very very good.
  3. DefilerPhil47

    Doom: Annihilation update

    The movie was fun, but the budget definitely showed. Props department made the ARs and AKs look pretty bland, the Marines' combat armor was about as boring as it got, BUT I thought the Imps were awesome and the action was definitely there. I wish there was a lot more with the Super Shotgun. The acting that stood out to me the most was Dominic Mafham as Dr. Betruger, because he was almost able to elevate some of the scenes past it's b-movie budget feel.
  4. DefilerPhil47

    John Carmack on the Joe Rogan show - it happened!

    For everyone complaining about Joe Rogan himself and whatever shit they have to say about him, just know that he barely talks in this episode and its basically John Carmack talking for 2 1/2 hours and its all excellent. I burst out laughing when Joe Rogan name dropped Daikatana and it being in development hell for a while.
  5. DefilerPhil47

    Doom Eternal's campaign is around 18-22 hours long, Marty says

    They say Eternal will be 18-22 hours, I assume this is first play through with a 100% completion. That means other play throughs you can cut that time down to like maybe 12-15 hours, add in some speed run tricks, and stream line your gameplay for higher level completion, I think that will bring it down to a solid 10 hours. And speedrunner champs will be able to be it in 45 min to an hour.
  6. DefilerPhil47

    BFG/Weaponwheel exploit still unpatched... lol

    There are a LOT of things that have not been patched out, like completely bypassing the entire coolant core arena battle in Vega by just jumping over a wall, and the reason people found this is because there was a glitch where enemies were spawning out of bounds and you couldn't kill them, preventing you from progressing. And you think that's bad, go watch a 0% speedrun of Doom 2016 and you'll realize how easy the made it to get out of bounds. Current record on 0% speedrun is like 22 minutes or something.
  7. DefilerPhil47

    ion fury is out

    Well, before this topic goes away, I hope if you purchased the game that you enjoy it. This stupid stuff tarnishes good games made by good people, lots of good people, and we can't let stupid stuff said in private sully others' reputations and hard work.
  8. DefilerPhil47

    Here's something to dycrypt from doom 2016

    It is just Lorem Ipsum?
  9. DefilerPhil47

    About Doom 2016's replay value?

    There will be more arenas, its part of the gameplay loop of the current series. There is even a secret you find called the Slayer Key, one per level, which you use to unlock a giant Arena battle, which I guess is going to replace the Rune Trials. Doom 2016's combat was limited to arena fights to contain the player and the enemies in one place. The engine only allowed 12 or so enemies spawned at once, so the game designers and level designers had to work with that. It's repetitive no doubt and it's the games most glaring weakness, but if you genuinely enjoy the combat, than the combat loop is fun. I find the combat fun, so I was never turned off by the arena battles. They built the IdTech 7 engine so they could have more enemies 'existing' at once in Doom Eternal, which opens up for a lot of possibilities of new open level design and bigger combat arenas. There are videos out there of the player running through the world of the City level, fighting enemies outside of enclosed combat arenas and moving freely throughout the environment, so my guess is that we will get a strong mix of both combat arenas and open level design. Unfortunately the April Demo build that has been showcased and playable at E3 and Quakecon was not a good show of this as it was all arena based combat with more platforming puzzles as well. There were instances of non arena combat, but for a short demo, it was just a few instances between the arenas. I am excited for the game, but there will be people here that will probably hate it because of the combat loop and that's ok, as you said @D88M3R, there are plenty of awesome retro games that give us the old school 90s fps style and gameplay we love.
  10. DefilerPhil47

    About Doom 2016's replay value?

    I expect a lot of people here are going to be pretty upset with Doom Eternal. It's also funny to see how many people are now praising Doom 3 after years and years of people hating on it.
  11. Everyone has to complain about something.
  12. Luckily you there are also great games out there like Amid Evil and DUSK that bring back that great retro style without the current generation graphics.
  13. DefilerPhil47

    About Doom 2016's replay value?

    This! People complain about the combat loop and their complaints are well justified, but I enjoy it very much. It's great for a pure burst of fun for the times I get to play it. I beat it on Nightmare and I thought that I wasn't going to touch it again, but I started up a playthrough on Ultra Nightmare and got even more replay value out of it. I love playing the game on Ultra Nightmare and I'm not deterred by dying over and over early in the game. I've now beat the game twice on Ultra Nightmare, with each playthrough averaging 5.5-6 hours and I have so much fun with it.
  14. I take in limited quantities, i've watched the story trailer, played the demo, and I'm very excited for DOOM Eternal and I cannot wait to play it in November.
  15. It depends who you save the chainsaw for. If you waste it on big guys for a quick easy kill you will run out of ammo quicker than using it on smaller guys.