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  1. 4.8.0 seems to break this
  2. Success! (for future reference or in case anyone can't find it) I guess I'll try to figure out if I can edit the UDB configs to pop it into the UI for ease of use, or I'll whine incessantly at the devs lol
  3. Hmm, something isn't working. I set the properties like you said on the highlighted linedefs... ...but ingame, it does nothing at all.
  4. Thanks, I got that much. But there's a specific function in D64 called "color pegging" and I am not seeing that at all. It's a linedef property, what it does is alter the way that sector color gradients are applied to upper/lower sidedefs. It's used a LOT in D64. Both sectors have the same color, but the upper sidedef on the right has the "peg upper wall color" checked. (this is from Doombuilder64 which is specific to the Doom64 Ex platform)
  5. Excellent, I was able to get skies working properly. And 3d floors, too! One thing I'm noticing is that Peg Upper/Lower wall color isn't a flag in Ultimate Doom builder. I recall some chatter on the GZdoom dev threads to allow this to be a thing... is it a thing? Am I missing it somehow?
  6. Alright, after a day of tinkering I've figured out a bunch of stuff. Got a custom SuperShotgun Guy and Unmaker with custom Unmaker Ammo, all with proper zscript files instead of DECORATE. SuperShotgunGuy doesn't seem to use the updated D64shotgunguy sprites despite me pointing each frame to the SPOS/SSGY/SPO2 frames, which is odd. Got the unGEC.ACS library imported so I can live in my comfortable D64ex-style scripting. Good stuff. One thing I have not been able to figure out: How are you telling the engine which skies to use for each level? I looked through my Beta64.pk3, and it seems when it was converted it migrated all the skies to F_SKY1. But I can't for the life of me figure out where the definitions are?
  7. Ah thanks, that PK3 you uploaded is a great start. Been tinkering with it some this morning. Managed to load a map in there, edit the mapinfo, etc. Now, I remember when GEC first hit the scene, I started making some modifications, and clearly the structure of the mod has changed. For example, one of the main things I wanted to do was to create an alternate Unmaker which uses it's own pool of ammo (instead of using plasma cells). Ooh, ahh, custom unmaker ammo with fancy evil heartbeat Looking through my old project files, I made an "unmakerammo.wad" that had a decorate file in it, which basically had the entire list of custom actors. This is my entry: And the Ammo I also wanted to add a SuperShotgunGuy and a few other misc things. So I guess what I'm getting at is: What would be the best way to do custom actors so that I'm not causing any conflicts, and that my custom pk3 megawad is future-proof (meaning, any changes I make will seamlessly integrate into your future updates)?
  8. ah HA! THAT did the trick! 8 minor errors, just like you said. So how hard would it be to whip up a "blank" map project for D64CE? There's lots of Pk3s in your map pack, and I'm unfamiliar with how that all fits together. What should I do? Thanks for the lightning fast replies BTW
  9. I bet this is something really silly on my part. I re-downloaded, reinstalled, and these are my resources It still shoots almost two hundred errors. For example:
  10. First issue I ran into was just trying to load the resources into Ultimate Doom builder. This is my configurations page. It spits hundreds of errors right off the bat, so I must be doing something wrong!
  11. whoaaaa super cool!! Chaingunner too? I suppose that would be easy enough to mod in if it's not already in. I've been getting the hankering to start mapping again- I think I want to go full tilt using CE to make another beta64 style megawad, but this time taking advantage of the look and feel of the enhanced graphics. Probably gonna need to pick your brain if that's alright!
  12. Excellent work as usual. I've been away a while, so I was wondering what happened to some of the "missing d64 monsters" threads around here? Has anyone attempted to make a proper d64 revenant or archvile? Would be a super cool addition to this mod.
  13. So, what is happening is that every level past 5 will start with a completely random track, that SOUNDS like it's a Doom2/Final Doom MIDI. Once that track completes, then it goes into the normal Doom64 OST.
  14. Got it. So another bug, Gamma Lab in Beta64 plays a music that is not at all similar to anything OST, it sounds like some other MIDI?
  15. WHAT?! So Zdoom doesn't have "upper unpegged" as a sidedef property? That can't be right...