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  1. I did, but no one was really into it. I have been quiet about it, waiting for this project to be done so I can comb over all the levels and add in more "new" content. Edit: also holy fuck, that mastermind looks terrific now.
  2. Antnee

    Community Chest 64

    Are there any maps that need to be tested? Sorry, I've been caught up in RealLifeLand myself lately. I have some time now.
  3. Antnee

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Yo uh, gonna need some details on that and I'm all in if you'll let me contribute.
  4. Antnee

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Sorry, for some reason I can't do anything with a post once I @ someone. @Hyde, first of all, thanks for all you did. D64 is my favorite iteration of Doom to this day! Second: Ever get an itch to make a new level?
  5. Antnee

    Community Chest 64

    mapinfo lump, and yeah use SLADE
  6. Antnee

    Community Chest 64

    Yeah, not to pile on but a "good" D64 map can take a long time to finish especially if you've never mapped for EX at all. Just the introduction of color theory alone can throw people for a loop- regular doom mapping is just adjusting brightness. Then there's macros... A deadline only makes sense if there's some purpose to it. You'll never get motivation out of people just by setting a clock in front of them. This project has good stuff coming from it. Even if the deadline passes, I still think we'd all like work to continue, yeah?
  7. Antnee

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    They are well designed. It's how they are used that pisses people off.
  8. Antnee

    Community Chest 64

    Perfectly willing to accept that my opinion may be in the minority, but a total of 100 (non-secret) health in a map- especially one with a PE arena- is way, way too low.
  9. Antnee

    Community Chest 64

    There are literally no medkits. The screenshot I took was doombuilder find and replace mode... so maybe you uploaded the wrong copy? And remember, you made the map. Of course you think it's too easy... I fall into that "trap" myself.
  10. Antnee

    Community Chest 64

    Played some of this level just now. * VERY good lighting and color schemes * Layout is nice * Good mix of enemies with good placement But I couldn't get very far because * Literally not a single medkit in the entire map, and a total of 10 stimpacks (none of which I actually found) Some other notes: * You can get stuck in that little "waterfall pit" below the ledge where you get the blue key. Super annoying if you have a lot of radiation suit time left. * I like the opening area a lot, but I think the lit up areas need to be brighter. * You can see the bottom of the skybox when looking out the windows. * There are some misaligned textures, usually above the door frames. I think this is a solid map that needs some balance tweaks (oh god please more health). Still lots of time to get er done!
  11. Antnee

    Community Chest 64

    Guys, I think I'm gonna have to pull out of my second slot. This map just got too weird, and it's plain not-fun. Not gonna submit something subpar. sorry! I'll do some reviews in the coming days though.
  12. Antnee

    Community Chest 64

    Confirmed. This is much more active.
  13. Antnee

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Hollllly fuck I go to work and came back to... this? My dudes, the Doom community is way better than this.