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  1. Luke-Nukem

    Doom 1, registered retail box plus manual

    I agree. I just wish more would do so. I'd love to get my mits on the Quake series boxes.
  2. Hi all. I took the time to scan my Doom 1 stuff. Amazingly (and I didn't know until I tried), the box just unfolds. No glue or anything involved. I'm absolutely crap at fixing up graphical work like this, so if someone does, that would be fantastic (and please be sure to share). Everything scanned at 600dpi. All available HERE Once I get a hand scanner, I'll try scanning my "Doom Hackers Guide" and "Doom Tips'n'Tricks" books.
  3. Luke-Nukem

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    How about.... THE RETAIL SHAREWARE DOOM BOX AND MANUAL??? Amazingly, the manual was cut crooked by the printer why back then. And if *anyone* is able to clean everything up, stitch the box images together, straighten out the manual pages (I pulled the staples and scanned the pages as printed), please feel free to do so. I'll make a new thread for this once my 24 hour limit is up :)