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  1. HellVain

    Enemies you don't want to return

    They are essentially the healthpacks in this game.
  2. HellVain

    "It's too cartoony"

    It looks good tbh. The only complaint I got is that the Mancubus isn't as intimidating as the Doom 2016 or The Doom 3 version. I'm fine with little snippets of humour like the head bonking as long as it's kept to a minimum.
  3. HellVain

    Are there any texture replacement mods out there?

    Oof... zero replies huh? Hey what are those HD texture packs you were referring to?
  4. Just simple environment texture mods, nothing else. I've been googling alot about this but so far ive only found one unfinished Hexen texture replacer mod. It's passable but some of the textures dont mesh well. The only alternative ive found for this is to play mods on freedoom, which has a semi-realistic feel to it. Anyone find more stuff like this?
  5. wait, do you have this file? it isn't available anymore.
  6. This....this little mod changes everything lol. Thanks alot man!
  7. Oh wow, this is pretty freakin' awesome...and challenging.... good job!
  8. you sold me at "outdoors". Definitely playing it! thanks mate!
  9. It's alright fam, I mightve wrote too much haha
  10. Already played Scythe 2 a hundred times, but I'll try Unholy Realms. Thanks!
  11. Been a long time GMOTA fan, I freaking love the new 1.0 update. The only bad thing I can say is the even though the Doom Slayer's just an extra character, he feels too basic. His ability timers take too long and his speed doesnt really add much... Buuut I've been having some really fun time with this. So I'm asking if ya'll know any good map packs that fits GMOTA's theme, that being medival stuff. Also, fantasy places like forests and anything other than a huge labyrinthian castles would be preferable! Well aside from Scythe 2 or Epic 2 of course. So what about you guys? What do you think of GMOTA? Oh! right... uhh, if possilbe, not a map pack with random levels all mashed together randomly, I prefer something with visual progression like on Hell on Earth Starter Pack. I know I'm asking a lot here but please bear with me. A little off topic but... anyone heard of a little manga called "Goblin Slayer"? Very fitting recolor don't ya think?
  12. It doesn't work. Rather it gives the "Sprites must have 4 letters" error.