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  1. I like sword. It's a personal weapon. I'm kinda worried that it might just be an optional chainsaw-item-harvest-mechanic replacer in favor of having a more classic infinite fuel chainsaw (though some would very much like that) that deals less damage but stunlocks your enemies. Iconic but useless tbh. I don't really know what to think, part of me wishes that it would be nice if it worked like skyrim greatswords but another wishes that it needs to be balanced with it having way to much damage potential (albeit slow and close-quarters). It's not the crucible so it must have a weakness or a limit. Not a fan of swords with ammo though, like those in halo. what do you guys think?
  2. Hello, I am new to this kind of stuff. So far I've only been replacing textures and sprites from one mod to another. Don't worry I don't really plan on uploading all my edited pk3's as I have not asked permission or have ripped the sprites on mods that specifically said not to rip. It just a kind of editing the mod to suit my own taste as As of now, I cant do coding pretty well just yet. Maybe soon, just...not now. I apologize if I've done some...heinous thing because of this. now onto the main topic. How do I change the sprites of an Iwad? the only tutorial I've got only covers on how to add/replace current monsters with newer ones. I only need to change the sprites or the textures so I don't really need to change the behavior and the ai of the monster. I have tried editing with the Iwad lock disabled on Slade3 but it wont recognize the sprites since the sprites im trying to use were png's and the original doom files were... well doom image files. How do I do this?
  3. How do I do that? sorry, im kinda new to this kind of stuff.
  4. For example, If I wanted the pistol or the chainsaw to always gib my enemies, what would I need to do? My preferred doom editor is slade.
  5. I have the mod loaded over with HND so HND's mod menu overrides Bolognese's. The bolognese mod seems to be set on the highest setting with enemies exploding into gibs and filling the whole screen which lags my game(I am using a laptop with intelhd 3000 because i am a poor boi). Now I know that there's an option to lessen the decals on this thing I just wanna know how to edit it with Slade. I've tried to edit the CVARinfo by changing those 2's with 1's, but no change what so ever. Just realized it does nothing....
  6. Thanks! It really means a lot that you replied to this thread. I was gonna send you a pm on zdoom forums. And yeah, im now trying to learn zscripts and map making so hopefully soon I'll be like you guys. Though I wouldn't go as far as calling is a mod, just an edit. You go keep on making those amazing gameplay mods, your mods and combine_kegan's became an inspiration to me to make mods myself.
  7. I'm gonna try that and do some tests. Thank you
  8. I don't really know how to do that, but the file size is pretty small compared to other add-ons like project brutality. This is literally my first doom "mod" made with slade. I put quotes there because it's not really my mod, I just edited it. No code was changed
  9. exactly, that's why I'm worried that I'd get the ire of the modding community because I didn't ask someone if I could edit their mods.
  10. I previously posted a vid on Doom General with a basic no-effort sprite change to the whip on High Noon Drifter with demonsteele's katana sprites, I liked the result but it lacked a particular cohesion. So I decided to edit some more, add the player's hands on the sword and adjust the sword to do a proper swing animation as well the positioning of the arm and finished it with this. I'm even planning to change the boomerang to a meat hook or a sickle. So I'm wondering if I should ask for the original mod author's permission to upload an edited version of his mod and share it with others or just credit all of the people who worked on the original mod. Here's the new preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6PvIK3HL3o&feature=youtu.be
  11. HellVain

    Forgive terminusest13... for I have sinned.

    Oh sure, it's DoomKrakken's monster randomizer mod. Be warned though, it gets really tough to borderline unfair due to all the new monster's abilities and behaviours.
  12. Sorry about the quality, it was recorded on an old laptop i still use and had to lower the resolution of the game. I got bored and replaced the whip sprites with demonsteele's katana. Don't worry about the credits and stuff, im not planning on uploading the edited wad. just thought this looked cool. It is oddly satisfying.
  13. HellVain

    Enemies you don't want to return

    They are essentially the healthpacks in this game.
  14. HellVain

    "It's too cartoony"

    It looks good tbh. The only complaint I got is that the Mancubus isn't as intimidating as the Doom 2016 or The Doom 3 version. I'm fine with little snippets of humour like the head bonking as long as it's kept to a minimum.
  15. Oof... zero replies huh? Hey what are those HD texture packs you were referring to?