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Status Updates posted by Manuel-K

  1. Re: classic look for GZdoom.

    You might be interested in this topic:

    P.S.: I'm writing this on your profile, because I think the “Doom Neural Upscale 2X” topic has too many offtopic posts on the last pages.

    1. TR2N


      Thank you very much - and agreed!

  2. Found a huge number (several hundred) of very small flies (~ 2 mm) on the window seals in the kitchen and living room. Neither Drosophila (not interested in vinegar) nor Sciaridae (wings too small, too stupid). Very weird. I'm pretty sure that they weren't there yesterday. :(


    At least they are very stupid and just sit there while being crushed by a sweeping finger.

    1. rdwpa


      Too slaughtery. 

    2. Manuel-K



      I thought you liked slaughter maps!?

  3. I've tried to watch some videos of the classic maps in Doom 2016. Motion blur makes me feel queasy. :-(

    1. silentzorah


      I think that can be turned off.

    2. geo


      Motion blur with Unreal engine tends to make things sluggish, but I'm not sure if its the same for all engines.