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  1. Manuel-K

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    That's the first thing I wrote before people wanted to change my mind. And I even mentioned that I don't want to discuss my preference. This is the last time I respond to anything related to that topic. It's really boring. I will definitely not buy the game if that “mechanic” is retained. To reiterate it a final time: That's the first thing that I wrote and nothing will change my mind. It's such a shame. I was really happy when I first noticed the project until I noticed the non-saving part. Obviously I should not have said anything because I have to defend my opinion over and over again. I seriously regret writing something in the first place.
  2. Manuel-K

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    That's not comparable and you know it. It's a finite resource that's dependant on things outside of the game. Maybe it's comparable if you live in a vacuum without friends and family – otherwise it's not.
  3. Manuel-K

    TV Tropes Addiction

    I get bursts where I keep reading tropes for several hours and then I don't visit the site for many months.
  4. Manuel-K

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    It's the Hexen/Quake 2 problem all over again. In theory I like the hub system. In practice I don't.
  5. Manuel-K

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    It sounds like someone, i.e. you, doesn't have s shred of self control so that someone needs external control to be kept from abusing a mechanism. There are so many games with bad save mechanisms (e.g. that Warhammer one with checkpoint saves that have unskipable cutscenes after a save) that I will never buy such a game again. I like to be able to choose if and when I save a game. That can be never if I set myself that challenge (and I don't need achievements for that either) or more often when something has stupid difficulty spikes or other bad design choices (like sudden quicktime events).
  6. Manuel-K

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    It's not a feature. And I will not. I've wasted money on games that have that bug by design.
  7. Manuel-K

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    That's a good workaround, although it feels like cheating. Even if they blocked it, it will be open source, so if everything fails, it could be repaired that way.
  8. Manuel-K

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    I don't want to start another saving/savescumming discussion, but I don't like the Soul Tether concept at all – I even think I will not buy the game without a normal save system.
  9. Manuel-K

    ion fury is out

    I haven't seen anything that would make me call anyone involved a scumbag. The thing is – people are entitled to opinions that differ from your own. And the language barrier has to be considered as well and that includes both English as second/third language and even differences due to different upbringing. Text based communication lacks many important channels like voice modulation, facial expressions and gesture. All of those things make it very easy to misinterpret something.
  10. Manuel-K

    ion fury is out

    Can anyone explain in a short paragraph what the problem is?
  11. Manuel-K

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I don't think anything other than replacing the microswitch will work. I've had the problem several times and I've ordered a small bag of them.
  12. Manuel-K

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Apparently all the big brick and mortar stores. I consider that kind of (self) censorship to be highly problematic, because it can be interpreted in several ways: 1) conforming to a law that probably does not apply to it, 2) trying to hide the Nazi past, 3) prevent Nazis from being shown in a negative way.
  13. Manuel-K

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Or: “We thought we could get away with it, but that was a mistake.”
  14. No, I want to say that I – having never seen a single episode of that series – associate the name with horses, while I didn't associate the previous name with the band.
  15. I'm not convinced that the name is a good idea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fury_(TV_series)
  16. So the previous announcement said that would get a new announcement tomorrow. Maybe they'll do a DNF and switch to Darkplaces while Wrath will switch to the Quake 3 engine. Like @seed, I expect another delay.
  17. Manuel-K

    Quake ports and mods

    Why would you change the port unless there is a problem or a mod that isn't supported? I've been using Quakespasm for a long time. The other alternative would be Mark V (http://quakeone.com/markv/), but that one's very similar. I wouldn't recommend DarkPlaces, that has modified physics (and I don't like the way it looks).
  18. “EA – Getting away with it since 1982” I remember reading that Tom Watson wanted to ban them in the UK. There was an article in the Guardian titled “Tom Watson calls for crackdown on in-game gambling”. Something like that will never happen in Germany, because our politician don't know what the internet is.
  19. Manuel-K

    Amid Evil: Full Release

    Thanks. I wonder how long the Linux version will take.
  20. Manuel-K

    Amid Evil: Full Release

    First things first: I haven't played Amid Evil because I'm waiting for the Linux release, but I have played Portal, Portal 2 and the Turok 1 remaster (although I haven't finished it because of the platforming). I hate FPS platforming – IMO platforming only works in 2d side-scrolling games. But the portal gun is one of the best cheating devices to get around the tediousness of it. I've been avoiding specific spoilers for everything but the first episode of Amid Evil and all the talk about platforming makes me wonder if I should bother at all.
  21. So it's not only not released in Q2, but the announcement isn't even made in Q2. Thanks a lot.
  22. Both have the same I without serifs. And that's where the similarities end.
  23. IMO the simplest name switch would be Ion Shelly. Ion alone can't be a problem, right?
  24. I general that might work (if you as the investor don't care about quality and innovation), but I don't see how that would work in this case. The last release in this franchise was too long ago to and the new game isn't related to the original at all. So the potential customers don't know Commander Keen at all, in which case their is no association to the original at all or they do and they realize that it has nothing to do with the original. Like the ridiculous X-Com: Enforcer. It only works if you accept that it is a silly game. Neither gameplay nor atmosphere are related to any of the other games of that franchise.
  25. Manuel-K

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    I have to say that I'm not a fan of the current state of “realistic” graphics. Uncanny valley comes to mind. I'd prefer an art style that is slightly more abstract. And I'm not a huge fan of pre-ordering a game almost a year before the release.