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  1. PseudoGold

    Toxic Complex

    Unlike the name, this wasn't particularly complex. Really enjoyable to play and didn't feel like a typical Doom map both in terms of music and in design, which was interesting. As NuclearPotato said though the confinement of the Revenant room heavily dissuaded RL use, which was a shame, but a it's hard to pass up a good shotty battle with a skeleton. Thanks for making this.
  2. PseudoGold

    dead.air - v2

    Damn that was fun! The new weapons are really satisfying to use and I love the various area ideas you've strung into this and the whole thing kept me on my toes throughout.
  3. I think I'd just started getting into Doom and I'd tried to make a map from watching guides on youtube. The result was never actually finished, but it was supposed to be a linear cavern using roughly random lines. It's lost completely thankfully. After a few other attempts at the same concept I thought of making a 9 level WAD for Doom 2 which never really came to fruition. The first level alone was just too broken up rather than open for monsters to move around, I dropped the level count to 7 and just gave up completely eventually.
  4. PseudoGold


    Seems interesting. I'll have to keep my eye on this one.
  5. PseudoGold

    MY FIRST DOOM WAD (Do not suggest playing)

    Taking from your second level, I'd suggest not using the same wall texture in a massive chunk. The texture you used with the light is supposed to break up another wall texture. Just something else to keep in mind with what everyone else has said.
  6. PseudoGold


    This is the most beautiful thing I've seen all year. Bread knight is best knight.
  7. PseudoGold

    realistic wads

    If you want to go for full realism, I think the closest you can get in combination with the above levels is the Hideous Destructor mod. http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=12973 It'll work with any vanilla map that Zdoom can run, so there's that.
  8. PseudoGold

    Scars / injuries

    1) Once fractured my wrist after falling down some stairs 2) Managed to burn my right cheek on a heater to keep turkey chicks warm en-masse when I was about 4. I was actually happy about it since I really liked Action Man at the time. 3) Had the corner of a wheelbarrow full of gravel hit my toes twice in the space of 5 minutes. The one that tops it for gruesomeness though in when I ended up putting most of my body weight on my right big toe. The nail turned purple, which I assumed was bruising. Then I cut the nail a few weeks later and found out it was actually a lot of blood, plasma and pus that had been welling underneath. In the end I cut off the whole nail with a set of nail clippers and let it to regrow. Totally fine now though.
  9. PseudoGold

    Is the fitness test at the end of this really a wad?

    So the final challenge is to see if you can still run at 90 mph after slogging through most of Hell? Neat.
  10. It doesn't, I'm just being an idiot.
  11. I've been working on this for a bit intermittently, but I'd say the first level is in a proper feedback-worthy state. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmz8olppr3cl6jn/UndFac.wad?dl=0 This wad requires GZDoom 2.1.1 and is for doom 2. Currently there are groundworks for levels 2, 6 and 7 present in this file, but these are in various low stages of completion. Difficulty levels have been implemented, though UV is recommended. I'll probably have to tune the diffculty up in future, but eh. Images below EDIT: Updated map 1 to increase flow and ammo amounts. Lighting should be more consistent, some encounters have been altered and a new section of the map in a barebones state.
  12. PseudoGold

    doom comic level

    The whole comic was just a joke, why else do you think he says stupid shit?
  13. PseudoGold

    Liberate 1024 - Final Version

    A nice little map set, though as rdwpa says, the HKs are hardly a threat, so it may be worth adding them into crowds instead of being a solo encounter. If you have some space against an HK, they're just a waste of ammo.
  14. PseudoGold

    Traditions, Superstitions, Omen, and the like

    And I thought wasps were bad enough.
  15. PseudoGold

    Traditions, Superstitions, Omen, and the like

    Reminds me of how at various times, groups of men have thought that their penises were being stolen in their sleep, so if they screamed in the night they had to do all sorts of rituals to ward off the evil spirits. It turns out this "ghost penis" phenomenon has cropped up in some way, shape or form across the globe.