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  1. swapjim

    Doom Builder shows items on the ceiling

    Hahah! Too late, I already got the Rocket Launcher!. Also, is this how monsters speak? Capitalized? :P Do you know that there is a mod called IMPatience (or something like that) that you play as an Imp against the Marine? The Marine has really low AI though. I managed to solve the problem. I clicked on the empty space in the map with the Sectors Mode tool and I saw that it actually selected the empty space as if it was a sector. I deleted that "sector" and the things returned to the ground. I'm still curious what caused this. Maybe a Doom Builder bug? In-game it was all cool.
  2. swapjim

    Doom Builder shows items on the ceiling

    Excellent! Thanks!
  3. swapjim

    Doom Builder shows items on the ceiling

    Okay. Which one is more proper for vanilla maps?
  4. swapjim

    Doom Builder shows items on the ceiling

    I just noticed that if I click on the empty part of the map with the Sectors Mode tool, it gets selected, which doesn't happen with a new map. Maybe this is related.
  5. Doom Builder (which is the latest) shows items on the ceiling. If I remove a portion of the map, it goes back to normal. Have I reached some kind of limit? I'm making a vanilla Doom2 map. I've attached a screenshot.
  6. swapjim

    what's the name of these mods? (screenshots)

    Thanks a lot guys! @P41R47, great avatar! It's the metal version of Doom 2016's cover?
  7. I saw these mods at High Score (2020) and Google Images doesn't return any result. Any idea how they're called?
  8. swapjim

    Romero's SIGIL on Crispy vs Gzdoom

    Thank you guys!
  9. I'd rather play the singleplayer on Crispy. Will I be missing something compared to Gzdoom? Romero has provided a compatibility WAD. Does it miss something? Anything?
  10. swapjim

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    I've three feature requests, and they're all about binds. I haven't read all 26 pages of posts in this thread, so this might have been requested before. I would like to be able to assign something to KP_ENTER, KP_INS, KP_DEL. Right now Crispy treats KP_ENTER as ENTER, KP_INS as INS, and so on. If I can already do this by editing the config, it's good enough for me, just point me to a link with instructions. Also, I would like to be able to bind any action I want on mouse buttons. Right now the mouse buttons cannot take all actions. Similarly, if it's possible by editing the config, I'm fine with that. And finally, I would like to be able to have two buttons for one function. This one is minor.
  11. Yes, of course. But if I don't use those features in a server that everybody else does, I'm at a disadvantage. Here is an extreme example to make it clear: the server has disabled the autoaim because it has the crossairs and freelook enabled. Autoaim is NECESSARY for vertical aiming and it helps considerably in horizontal aiming too, since there is no crossair. So if I disable crosair and freelook, I may not even be able to aim people! Gameplay features are not like dynamic lights that I can simply turn off without losing the edge. I'll check those channels and report back. Thanks for the help!
  12. Where do I ask? I read this post and I just realized that the Choco setup program has a menu driven way to find servers that are listed on the master server. A lot easier than pasting the address on the command line! Would be convinient to be able to see the number of players in each server, so I wont have to try them all to see where there might be a player. Even if I don't like crossairs (vanilla Doom has auto-aim), jumping, and freelook, I'd probably don't want the screen to be red all the time. Nor switch to any weapon I walk over. I was just about to write that freelook, jumping/ducking, and additional weapons change the gameplay rules and that's the reason I'd rather play without them, but then I thought that lower resolution and frame rate can also change gameplay rules. Maybe freelook was out of the engine to save processing power. Duke Nukem 3D, a game that went out in 1996, and had a 2.5D engine that allowed you to freelook, jump, duck, fly, destroy things in the world, and a lot more, required a 486 and 8MB RAM. The recommented system specs were 486DX/66 and 16MB RAM. Compare that to Doom (1993), which required a 386 and 4MB RAM, and recommended a 486. I'll continue from my previous quote and say that I couldn't play Duke Nukem 3D because it stretched very awkwardly. I was mad at 3D Realms for releasing a game wich such an awkward feature. It would be better not to have freelook at all. Modern ports of Duke (the Build engine) don't have this problem. Also, Doomkid, what IRC channel do I need to be in to try some vanilla (or vanilla-mostly) dm? #dmstuff?
  13. Oh yes, increased resolution too! Thanks, I forgot that! I've played Doom in DOS. The resolution was the biggest turn off for me. I was in a bliss when I discovered Doom95, years later. I was ecstatic when I went online and discovered Zdoom: no more frame cap! Amazing! I guess I'm a "keeping the essence" guy but not a purist. And yes, I would settle for Chocolate Doom. I tried the servers at master.chocolate-doom.org but there are no players in there. Hmm... Having a GUI app like Doomseeker that can put a filter and list only Chocolate and Crispy servers, and the players in them, would be VERY handy. I need to google this. Maybe there is something. It does! I'll check the link and the settings later, but for now: can I join you guys?
  14. I'm looking for a close to Vanilla deathmatch experience. The only limitation I want to remove is the frame rate. Is there such a thing out there? I just tried Zandronum with Doomseeker, and it was awesome to have more weapons, jumping, looking up and down, and the such, but I'd like to experience what Doomers played back in the 90s. I've read that the IWAD maps sucked for multiplayer, and I'm ok to play on custom maps just as long as it's a (mostly) Vanilla experience.