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  1. Arl

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    I'm trying to complete the texture set at least for Kneed Deep in the Dead before preparing a release that anyone can use.
  2. Arl

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    I'm not switching, I have both. I don't remember exactly the content of what I previously shared, but some time has passes and I did some more development here and there. So yeah, that's why you may see differences.
  3. Arl

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    That mod looks interesting, I gave it a try combined with the PBR textures:
  4. Arl

    Doom 3 or Doom 3: BFG Edition?

    OG Doom3, with Dhewm3 for better performance and stability. And any mod that you may find interesting going around, which are many.
  5. Arl

    Doom 3 Secrets

    Some could be uncleaned editor WIP stuff.
  6. Arl

    Doom 3 Ultimate Items AND Enemy Locations Guide

    Cool desktop background.
  7. Indeed, each map has a homonym .gui in guis/map folder. The text and image of such map is defined in there, and then the engine loads that .gui which is named alike as its loading screen.
  8. Arl

    Doom 3 Fan-games?

    Oh, how cool is that! You answered my question even though it was poorly worded, I also think it's a pretty rounded mod already. What I wanted to know was what has been up to for the devs precisely. The current modding scene for Doom3 resides in the idtech4 server, and I haven't knew about any of the first or second era modders (like Classic Doom 3, aikkmod, OpenCoop, Dentonmod, the list go on). You mod rocks, good to know you are still around.
  9. Arl

    Doom 3 Fan-games?

    Are you one of LMS developers? What ever happened to that mod?
  10. Arl

    Doom 3 Fan-games?

    How about Phobos?
  11. Very interesting. Although I think that if you want better graphics for Doom, you can achieve better and more controlled results with PBR material maps for the textures, some light for objects and projectiles, and maybe a series of reflection probs (which maybe could be auto generated relative to sector size/density) and SSR. Not that I know anything regarding graphic engineering, just saying my bit in line to what @inkoalawetrust just said.
  12. Arl

    A Science-Fiction Project (art & introduction)

    Very interesting organic design!
  13. Id Software was originally going to make a game based on the movie Alien, but ended up basing the game on the movie The Color of Money.