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  1. Arl

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    Hey there! My hope was that by presenting this concept of PBR for original pixelated texture people would jump in to help complete the textures, since there are a lot and I don't have too much time to do them all by myself. The ideal way of collaborating in something like this would be to have a place where we can add the textures sets that are done, the ones that are WIP and the ones that ara vacant for whoever that wishes to take the task for that particular texture. That way the project can be also downloaded and used as it's getting developed. Any ideas of what kind of page could offer that possiblities? github? google drive?
  2. Arl

    Doom 3: Phobos

    All the improvements and the new features are also present in Ep1. Let's say this release will also patch the previous one.
  3. Arl

    Doom 3: Phobos

  4. Arl

    Doom 3 Cut content

    The normal map is from this: Seems like the design reached an ingame model, but was never used in the end, just like the rest of Brett Briley work for RoE.
  5. Arl

    Is there any unused/cut content in Doom 3?

    Thats not a reflection, that's a common cube map, just as any other game. Go further in the map, you'll find an actuall reflective glass.
  6. Arl

    Is there any unused/cut content in Doom 3?

    They weren't prerendered, it reflected everything, monsters included. The material effect "mirrorRenderMap # #" is still present in the final game, but never used.
  7. Arl

    Is there any unused/cut content in Doom 3?

    Those assets are used in The Lost Mission campaing.
  8. Arl

    Is there any unused/cut content in Doom 3?

    There are some unused audio files from the infirmary sequence in Mars City. Indeed. Interestingly BFG Edition has those textures and sounds that were missing in OG Doom 3 but were referenced in declaration files anyways.
  9. Doom 2 was originally going to be named Doom 3, but dynamic shadows weren't possible back then so tech limitation at the time prevented this.
  10. Arl

    Should I Get Doom 3?

    Yes, OG Doom 3.
  11. Hey Arl can you make an addon That the doom 3 marine has the helmet from Ressurection of evil.I tried but I’m having problems

    Would you like to help??I can send you the assets 

  12. Hi there!


    I just wanted to let you know about our Id Tech 4 discord server, lot of interesting things happens there for time to time, and I is the better place for Doom 3 modding community as of now since the bast mayority of us there are Doom 3 modders.




    Hope you get interested in joining in!

  13. Arl

    What version of Doom 3 do you prefer

    The Original. BFG Edition's only interesting feature was the new campaing, but since The Lost Mission got ported to OG Doom 3, now BFG Ed has no point anymore for me.
  14. Arl

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Hey!, were can I take a look at that?