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  1. Why does Doom 3 have so little height variation?

    Oh my... Yes, that's a wild example there, it's takes temperament to deal with that level of overcrowding.
  2. Why does Doom 3 have so little height variation?

    Also, room over room and vertical building just add more mess to the editor view, it's already hard to work with only horizontal disposition once you have progressed enough with your map.
  3. Why does Doom 3 have so little height variation?

    Doom 3's environments are mostly indoor/inside buildings, and more often than not, rooms in buildings tend to be connected through connecting structures and passages, 'corridors'. Before mentioning one type of factory or something that doesn't follow this, be sure to not just give an example of an exception of this tendency. Adding to that, the factor of the "scaryness" enclosed areas can provide, and performance and technical reasons, I guess we can understand Doom 3's structural and architectural choices. Even with that, the game tried to add variation, the excavation sites have some big open areas to show, but not really a gameplay style that can take advantage of it. About "corridor after corridor after corridor", we should make the exercise of playing some levels and count corridors and other type of rooms to see if that premise is actually true.
  4. Doom 3 Sikkmod SSAO issues.

    I should clarify that by "slow" I don't mean low framerate but actually slow motion.
  5. Doom 3 Sikkmod SSAO issues.

    Just to know, what's your graphic card? Also, I notice that everything looks a bit slow, and the audio is slow too and with reverberance.
  6. What's the different between bsp and bsp noflood?

    Thanks for the explanation Caffeine Freak, I was hoping to get enlightened in this matter.
  7. How to create smooth stuff like this?

    Indeed. My concern was that making something in a 3D program to serve as a map in Doom 3 would still require many steps to make it work, and you will not be able to dodge the usage of Doomedit much in the end. It's better to just surpass the learning curve of the game editor.
  8. What's the different between bsp and bsp noflood?

    I don't know what technicality resides behind "bsp noflood", but I advise you not to use it since apparently it ignores the rule of sealed geometry. You can leave a wall open to the void and it will compile, and you'll find lighting glitches outside the map via noclip and faces that should not be there at all because the are caulked in the editor. I guess Darkradiant don't have the Doom 3 compiler since is independent of the engine, but you can still compile the maps with Doom 3 via console by using the "dmap" command, for instance: "map map1.map" will load the map if it's in the Doom3 map folder, and "dmap map1.map" will compile the map. Hopefully someone with more knowledge about it will give you a better response.
  9. How to create smooth stuff like this?

    Yes, you could use caulk brushes, but it's not as simple as it sounds. Note that the Hell level is in fact full of meshes to achieve that organic look, but it's all intensively encapsulated in brushes, and the Hell level is mostly chambers and lot's of unconnected sections. They really put effort in Hell, that maps is abnormal compared to the rest of the Doom 3 campaign, and rightly so. Either way, I encourage you to try your approach, my previous comment is mostly about my uncertainties about using another method than the one the developers of the game used.
  10. How to create smooth stuff like this?

    A 3D model serving as a whole map is probably a bad idea, 'cause I don't know how the engine would take it, and how visportals/sealing/AI navigation/collitions would work in that circumstance. If you are reluctant to use Doomedit or Darkradiant I would say that your enterprise of making Doom 3 maps is most likely doomed.
  11. How to create smooth stuff like this?

    Pressing V while a patch is selected will show you some nodes that you can drag to deform the patch in different points. Positioning the patch correctly and then deforming it using diferents views (X,Y and Z) allows you to construct a varaety of curved shapes, using both brushes and deformed patches. It's just a matter of practicing to know how this is handle. Complementary to that, you can also open a vanilla Doom 3 map, select a patch and press V on it so you can see how the said patch is deformed.
  12. A question about lights

    How about using a normal light with short range to lit the emitter independently of the projected light?
  13. Hi, I was practicing and experimenting with shaders in Blender, and since I was using Doom 3 models I thought about sharing it here, for whoever's interest. In order to separe and better representate things like metal and flesh I made some additional textures and masks for the models, since PBR (Physically-based rendering) demans more than the set of textures Doom 3 engine uses. - - Due to Cycles being a ray-traced rendering enviroment, there are lots of shadow issues with low poly models such as these, in a game engine like Unreal Engine 4 this would not happend, maybe I'll make some test in UE4 sometime. Well, that's it, I'll post again here if I make another "experimentation".
  14. Being cyberpunk my weakness, I really dig Hacx. When I found that there was an attempt by the developers (or al least one of them) of polishing and improving Hacx, I was excited. I went to the forum to propose the idea of adding fluid weapon animations, and presented a showcase wad. To my disappointment, it seems like I was late and the thing was dead or in an indefinite stasis, and I got 0 replies. This was almost a year ago, but the download is still there, so if any of you want to try that smoother weapon animation wad, here it is: https://forum.drdteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=169&t=7431 QZDoom doesn't read the pwad apparently, so you should use regular ZDoom or GZDoom.
  15. Did Doom 3 use motion capture for animation?

    You can identify motion capture in some cinematics (especially in Resurrection of Evil), but the majority of animations seem to be handmade. There's even a "mocap" folder inside Doom 3's pk4 files, which contains some of the main marine's animations for cinematics.