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  1. Teder

    Hi, I see You are using ao/metal/rough textures, but in the other screenshots you have parallax/heightmap. Do You use there ao/metal/rough and heightmap or just spec/normal/heightmap? If You use ao/metal/rough and heightmap can You show texture gl code or working pk3 with it?

    For example I use this:

    material texture FIREBLU1
        normal "normalmaps/FIREBLU1n.png"
        specular "specular/FIREBLU1s.png"
        brightmap "brightmaps/FIREBLU1b.png"
        specularlevel 0
        glossiness 2
        Shader "shaders/texture/parallax.fp"
        Texture tex_heightmap "heightmaps/FIREBLU1h.png"

    but how to work with heightmap and ao/metalness/roughness?

    1. Arl


      Hello there, 

      Yes I'm using PBR along with a parallax shader:  https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=103&t=62104


      Now, this is an instance of the set up:


      material texture "BIGDOOR2"
          shader "shaders/displacement.fp"
          normal "materials/normalmaps/BIGDOOR2.png"
          roughness "materials/roughness/BIGDOOR2.png"
          metallic "materials/metallic/BIGDOOR2.png"
          ao "materials/ao/BIGDOOR2.png"
          texture displacement "materials/displacement/BIGDOOR2.png"



      Hope you get the wanted results.

    2. Teder


      Oh, great! Thx for help!