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Status Updates posted by MrSkeltal

  1. > Suffering from mapper's block for nearly a year now

    > Opens half-finished map

    I'm going to do it. I'm going to finish it. I'M MAKING IT HAPPEN.

    > Stares for an hour as itunes playlist slowly evaporates.

    > Sweating intensifies.

    > Places a lone blue keycard in map.

    > Saves and closes Doom Builder.

    All in a day's work. Whew.

    1. Ichor


      > Three years later, the map is at last complete.

      > People playing the map wonder why there are over a dozen blue keycards scattered around in the map.

  2. > Listening to Slowbeef reading bad creepypasta at Youtube dot com

    > Checks comments

    "Hm I've seen this nerd somewhere else!!!"


    1. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Now for the Baader-Meinhof to take effect, just as planned!