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  1. quamosity

    DOOM 3's unique monsters reinterpreted

    The Zdoom forums have a bunch of monster creation threads. I myself do not know how to do it, but I have read most of the monster threads. Good luck with this, it seems like a cool idea.
  2. quamosity

    SSG in Doom!

    You know, it surprising that id never redid doom/doom2 so that you could run either one as a single game (i.e. one iwad and one executable). They could have milked the franchise a little more. Either way, its something that could be useful for everyone. Anyway, keep up the good work!
  3. quamosity

    Voxels (are they the future?)

    If you guys need help with Ken's tools, you might try emailing him. He is VERY responsive to emails, so its definitely worth a shot. The work so far looks nice!
  4. quamosity

    Prepare for Action

    I was actually going to wait to see where Scuba was going with this, because I really enjoy the quality of work he puts out, but as the creator of the old and decrepit Action Doom, there is a little bit of a problem with the name. There have been several mods made for other games using the Action label, but most of them do not last long. Why? Akimbo Team Productions, the team responsible for AQ2, AHL and the up and coming AUT2k3 are very proud of their product (and copyright) and do not like seeing their name and game ideas spread to other game formats. I was a beta tester for AHL since Beta 3 and created the original Action Doom as more or less one of the first HL model-to-sprite mods for Doom. I had the full go ahead from the A-Team to produce this gimmick of a product that was more or less something to hold people over while we waited for Beta 3 to roll around. If you check the pictures on the page, you can see some of the older images and how it looked. Then Cory Whittle turned around to release his Action Doom, and after some discussion he decided to change the name of his mod. Which is a shame, because his Action Doom (aka Immoral Conduct) could have definitely headed in the right steps similar to the Action mods. I had started something of a project in the same vain as Cory's, after seeing how well the EDGE modification worked. A friend of mine jumped on board to help, and we have more or less been waiting for EDGE to put in multiplayer (which hasn't and probably won't happen). So nothing has happened for a long time. I had posted some stuff a couple months ago about the beastiary, and was starting to get back into sprite editing so I could actually take Action Doom somewhere, but I lost contact with the guy who was doing most of the scripting. So now I have weapons without anything use, but that's alright because it was something to do. In short, MY Action Doom isn't really around anymore. Because Scuba Steve has a reputation of making quality products, I don't see why there would be a problem with him taking Action Doom to a new and/or different level. Steve, toss me an email at quamosity@netzero.net and we can figure this out in more detail. Either way, so far, it looks really cool and I can't wait to see what develops.
  5. quamosity

    Question for those with knowledge of Source Ports.

    I REALLY like Immoral Conduct (http://www.doomworld.com/immoralconduct). It uses the EDGE engine and adds a ton of new weapons into the game. No new maps, but you can use any standard doom/doom2 single player set to it. Monsters a made a little harder, and there are other nice features. It is a good time and worth checking out at least.
  6. quamosity

    The Doom Beastiary

    Yeah, I like those suggestions. I had played around a little bit with it, and have one jarred demon sort of in a fetal position. The look I was aiming for was kind of like the Alien fetal position, but it is a little more difficult with these sprites. I will be working on the graphics for this for a while, until something else develops. I recolored some scientist sprites I found, so those might be able to come in handy as well. This is fun, thats for sure. I haven't put them into wads, but if anyone wants to grab the sprite sets, you can check them out here: http://web.umr.edu/~mlang/doom/Sprite%20Sets/ Like I have mentioned before, some of these are mine, some aren't. If anyone turns the demoncubus into a wad, send it my way if you will, I'd appreciate it. I will upload new stuff there over time, so don't be afraid to check back. Thanks (Also, if my posting this stuff here annoys people, I will move it back to the wads forum.)
  7. quamosity

    The Doom Beastiary

    I didn't see this thread, only the bit mentioned in the wads forums. Here are some sprites of mine. I will submit them properly soon, but I wanted to share. http://web.umr.edu/~mlang/doom/Demons%20Evolved.jpg These demons are not all mine. I took a green demon skin I found and turned him into something of a cyberdemon, only on a smaller scale. He has a gun on each hand, and I haven't figured out what I want him to fire (missles, fireballs, etc). He has a full sprite set, too, although he has additional animations because of the guns (he can BITE and FIRE, like the imp). The gremlin was from a wad I found with the help of some people on the other forums. Its gremlin.wad and has a nice little feature where you shoot the demon and kill it and two more appear in its place. In my head, I figured the gremlin to be an evolution of the baby demon, which I found thanks to Cyb, but then recolored to give the normal pink demons an evolution look. Both the baby and the gremlin have complete animations. The skull is from the alpha lost soul, which looks curiously enough like a demon skull. I closed the mouth and made it seem dead (removing all the flames and whatnot). http://web.umr.edu/~mlang/doom/Demon%20to%20Cyberdemon.jpg This picture needs to be animated with some sort of lightning/cloud/lighting that blurs each 'evolution.' I made this picture because I feel that the cyberdemon is a gross evolution of the pinky demon. I suppose the pinky demons could evolve into hellknights/barons BEFORE evolving into cyberdemons, but I had already finished the animation at that point. These are the only sprites I have for this, though. It would make a swell animated gif if I put the time into it. What I have been working on with all this is simply like an sprite set for this mod idea I have in my head. I can't map, but I figured what the hell, might as well give the sprites a shot anyway. It keeps me out of trouble and it has been fun. The idea I have is sort of an evil corporation deal, kind of in the vein of metroid fusion, with a touch of alien resurrection thrown in. Basically, the story would be having the doomguy come across a fresh batch of demons. Following their trail, he would come to the doorsteps of a UAC laboratory, where 'secret and devious' schemes have been hatched. Basically, UAC has taken what was left of the hellspawn from doom and doom2 and turned them into their own project, mutating and creating new types of demons. The emphasis here would be on the pinky demon, where it would be cloned and evolved from birth (hence the jar with the baby-colored demon inside. The project would work with different types of demons, creating new ones (green, red, black, gremlin, baby, demoncubus, etc etc etc) and evolving them into larger monsters (cyberdemons). Of course, like all plots of this nature, things get out of hand, the monsters get free, and now there are NEW demons as well as old demons. I was thinking along the lines of a series of maps, if not 30, then close to it...and a hexen-like hub system would be cool too. I was seeing cool scenes like a entering a room with 50 baby demons being freed from their jars and coming at you; witnessing the evolution of a demon into a cyberdemon (without weapons), and then being trapped into a room where 4-5 demons are simultaneously being evolved into cyberdemons out to kill you. When I saw the demon sprites of the beastiary, i knew instantly that, like in alien resurrection, those sprites should be in a hall or a room displayed in jars like failed projects. Of course, should any of those sprites get fully animated, they would somehow end up in the map. Anyway, that was my idea, but I have no mapping talent to finish it up. I played the 3057demo recently, and really like the atmosphere of those levels. It is that kind of futuristic spaceship/tech lab that I picture this set of levels on. I like the angled walls and the ambient noise. Enough rambling from me. Needless to say I will continue working on demon sprites for this project. If someone wants them, let me know. If you want to make a map or two, that would be sweet.
  8. quamosity

    Beastiary sprites

    Yeah, those sprites can be found in a variety of wads. Cyb's Artica4 has the baby demons, and the black, red, and green demons can be found in some skin packs. The demoncubus I just finished up the other day, but I have yet to put them into a wad. Hopefully they will be used in a future project. Thanks for the interest! I will try to get the sprites into a wad to download! Oh, would whoever email me re-send the email, I wasn't expecting it and I accidentally deleted it. I appreciate it
  9. quamosity

    Beastiary sprites

    BlueSonnet, is there anyway you could send me those sprites as well? I have been playing around with various Demons and sprite variations, and the Gamma Demon is a cool one. I can't do maps, but I have some ideas for a project and figured I might get some of the sprites out of the way now :) My address is quamosity@netzero.net Heres a peek at some demons I have found, and some I made myself: http://web.umr.edu/~mlang/doom/Demons.jpg The whitish looking demon is a recolor of Cyb's baby demon sprites to turn them into real baby demon sprites. (skin color is a process due to aging, yada yada) The blue baby demon is from a wad called gremlin.wad and is pretty funny to play. If you kill the 'mother' gremlin, it dies into 2 other gremlins. Sadly, the process doesn't continue further than that, but it is interesting. The red, black and green demons were skins I think, that I found off of various pages, including the EE. I took the green demon and turned it into the demoncubus, which I have fully animated with movement and firing sprites. Figure he might be a good replacement for the imp--so he can claw AND fire at the same time. Those beastiary sprites are a great inspiration Thanks!
  10. quamosity

    Searching for the minidemon!

    Thats great! Thanks!
  11. quamosity

    Searching for the minidemon!

    I am trying to find a wad, and figured the best place to ask would be among doom fiends. I can't remember where or when I played it, but I remember playing a wad that had changed the pinky demons into minipinky demons. They were changed from scary pink mutant dogs into scary pink little rats. Does anyone remember this wad? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to try that out again! Thanks
  12. quamosity

    GBA Contest Whiners

    Hey, I am Mark Lang. Since people asked, I figured I should say something. I haven't posted around here, but figured I am somebody :-p I've done alot with Action Half-life, and once-upon-a-time I created Action DooM. Its still around somewhere, so you might know me from that. Anyway, Hello! Oh, and I like jDoom--I just wish there were better 3d models for it. -quamosity