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  1. GojiraMax

    Which one looks uglier? Quake or Quake 2?

    It was a butchered version without the right levels.
  2. Can I be a mapper for this?
  3. I thought the barons were resistant to splash when I was a kid, I know better now
  4. GojiraMax

    Which one looks uglier? Quake or Quake 2?

    Quake 1 is uglier. It lacked colored lighting and the gameplay is just a slower, clunker version of Doom's. Quake 2 (when you have the textures in the correct resolution) is much prettier and feels more cohesive
  5. GojiraMax

    Florida is at it again....

    The mom wasn't wrong to teach her kids, but perhaps she started too young, and she definitely should've gone over trigger discipline more.
  6. GojiraMax

    how about making weapons more colorful?

    Extra color? I can do that. Here's an edit of the shotgun
  7. GojiraMax

    Multiple Exits in Maps

    Rise of the Triad has multiple exits in some of its maps.