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  1. Doom64guy6

    Spooky Giant Worms

    Could be background
  2. Doom64guy6

    'Blood, Fire & Ice'---A six-map SP Snapmap Campaign!

    In that case it works only thing it's just like making wads in doom 2 you just have to make that every level is beatable by starting on that level Also you have that problem even in the old dooms to an extent.
  3. Doom64guy6

    A Summoner was somehow ported to Snapmap!

    Dude I gotta go back to snapmap and finish up my maps
  4. Doom64guy6

    DOOM Update 6.66 (Multiplayer Only)

    Fucking finally, even tho it's just a multiplayer update at least they haven't forgotten about this game hopefully they announce new stuff on Quakecon
  5. Doom64guy6

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    Lol is thst a real achievement?
  6. Doom64guy6

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    ShadesMaster Dude seriously put an inhibit AI spawning box behind the windows in the room where the 3 gore nests are I can't beat the second level because of it.
  7. Doom64guy6

    Snapmap - "The stain of Hunab Ku" Collaboration map

    I looked at it in Snapmap and was like yup this one is gonna be a bitch to fix
  8. Doom64guy6

    Snapmap - "The stain of Hunab Ku" Collaboration map

    I think update 5 might have made your map unbeatable since when you try to take one of the hearts to the shrine (big glowing thing in the middle of hub area) it says error detected on logic.
  9. Doom64guy6

    Update 5 for Snapmap.

    How do you carry over gear and health is thst done with the persistent integers?
  10. Doom64guy6

    a SnapMap Custom Attack .

    Nice I will say I got close to recreating it but I was having problems I created the Arrows of Doom almost exactly as he did. The only problem I was having was the well lightning would kill the enemy instantly the moment I fired at them and the other hazard wouldn't follow them that was due to boolean filters I used. Amazing my setup was very similar to his but sometHong went wrong. The hell shot setup I different with give weapon instead of give load out that way the other weapons are completely unaffected
  11. Doom64guy6

    a SnapMap Custom Attack .

    I tried to recreate it after watching the video and I gave up after 4 hours of trying.
  12. Doom64guy6

    Doom Gameplay Youtube Channels?

    Have you tried aquarius199 Most of his videos are doom related although due to college he doesn't do it every week
  13. Doom64guy6

    Hell's office - fully custom geo (FFZ42R3T)

    I played it it was good I just hated the infinity spawning hellknight tho
  14. Doom64guy6

    Punch-Out!! Map ID: TPPN34HA

    They seem to do damage for me I created a template map with a zombie and I was able to kill the zombie just fine. Perhaps you can't kill other players idk