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  1. bemused

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    haha i think il stick with what i know @Spectre01, im bad enough trying to make simple boom functions work properly :)
  2. bemused

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This.... thing... is taking me far too long and has caused all sorts of headaches. Will not be playing around trying to create the room over room illusion using silent TPs in boom compat again, its far more hassle than its worth.
  3. bemused

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I really dont understand much of this thread, if you dont agree with the way a story is portrayed, dont pay to watch it. It really is that simple, regardless of your political stance.
  4. bemused

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Some random single room map i threw together over the last week or 2, comprising of a fairly large amount of 242 sectors and a lot of revs :)
  5. bemused

    SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    im pretty lazy wrt lower difficulty implementation so you are more than welcome to ruin my maps with lots of viles on lower difficulties :)
  6. Apologies for double post, but after faceplanting the secret fight in 04 for far too long i felt it had to have some sort of edit.. so i threw down some more health and ammo and some popup cover which all becomes available when the wave of viles arrives. Sent off the update to idgames so the link in OP is the updated version. Many thanks for all who played and gave feedback, especially @Bloodite Krypto for pointing out that fight was complete BS :D
  7. bemused

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    Sunder- 10 Sunlust- 9 Italo Doom- 8 Scythe 2- 7 Holy Hell- 6 Speed Of Doom- 5 Stardate20X7- 4 Stardate20X6- 3 Slaughterfest2012- 2 Deus Vult 2- 1
  8. oh :P umm... i dont think im gonna be trying to sort discrepancies with zdoom midi issues tbh, it wasnt tested in zdoom at all because i assumed zdoom wouldnt play the maps at a tolerable framerate so i just kinda accepted any zdoom issues wouldnt be a major cause for concern and id leave them as they stood :) The window, i specifically left it empty because i didnt want people going "eurgh copy paste detailing, what a noob!" so i drew out the 2nd one different intentionally.. You just cant win these days :D Many thanks for the feedback though :)
  9. bemused

    2018 Goals

    finally release a long standing slaughtermapping project find a happy medium between being teetotal and getting smashed every day buy another mazda RX7 buy another house spend more time with my kids try to appreciate maps that dont include any slaughter style difficulty Probably gonna fulfil about 2 of these goals if im lucky
  10. Can we just all agree to let this thread go pls, its a sacred place. Every time i come online i get a twang of excitement, only to have my hopes shattered, trampled on, and spat on. Im not sure how much more of this i can take :(
  11. bemused

    Toilet of the Gods [on /idgames]

    imo it definitely plays a lot differently, certainly doesnt feel like the same map revisited.... but thats just my subjective opinion. I havent played one after the other though so cant really comment on it from that standpoint
  12. Been away from DW for a short while so missed these posts... The cyber love shack in 04 was indeed changed prior to release, its now only the one cyber and shouldnt pose too much of a threat. Having the 2 point blank in the players face simultaneously felt a touch rude when it was that far into a fairly long map, even if the whole thing could be nullified with standing on the TP spot ;) Also removed a couple of cybs from the gauntlet at the western end of that outdoor area, the ones low down on the steps felt like a bit of overkill, and that bit plays much the same with 3 removed from the lower steps. The secret fight vile rush wasnt changed.. im aware that kinda makes it a foreknowledge required fight to save cells before they arrive.. but as its a secret fight i didnt actually get much feedback on it because everyone who gave feedback before release completely missed it, so it went off to idgames as it stood :)
  13. Thanks again everyone, made a few small changes and its now up on idgames. link updated in OP :)
  14. bemused

    Which monster is the most "satisfying" to kill?

    Cant believe nobody has mentioned barons yet.. mainly when you get a double/triple/multi kill on them with bfg and you get to hear a stereo chorus of death. The sound they make as they turn inside out is one of the best sound effects in doom.
  15. bemused

    Does this mean my WAD is corrupt?

    looks like an unclosed sector to me, but posting the wad itself may prompt some more experienced mappers to check it and see whats really happening instead of guessing from a screenshot :)