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  1. bemused

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    Many thanks to all of you lovely people providing feedback, it's very much appreciated <3 Proper co-op implementation will probably not exist til beta 3 at the earliest, but is definitely on the "to-do" list!
  2. This has to be one of the most impressive wads i think ive ever seen.. absolutely mindblowing work!
  3. bemused

    First level

    just to add... i think you may have made a mistake with the updated file.. when unzipping the new one, the only file present is the .dbs one, not the actual wad itself. Also pretty please remember to rename all new versions of the map with v1.0, v1.1 etc as people wont know which is the new file if you upload an updated wad with exactly the same name as the old version :)
  4. bemused

    First level

    Tbh im not really sure.. my brain isnt working at full capacity today :P Personally if it were me id probably try to somehow remove the lift and HK door entirely (or make them stairs instead), as they seem to act as a kind of chokepoint no matter how you play the previous areas. If i was to do such a thing though it would probably mean a redesign of the entire map around the new layout and at that point its something id just say "try and implement this setup in a future map" rather than trying to cannibalise the existing one beyond all recognition.
  5. bemused

    First level

    Been feeling like i should play some doom again at some point, so quickly ran through the map on UV.. whilst i would normally say the frantic rush through to find a usable weapon is a neat idea, the way the enemies TP into the first room upon firing, immediately blocking the players path, kinda forces pacifist play. Which isnt a bad thing, but if the player doesnt fire a weapon in that room on the way back to the exit, the enemies wont wake up and TP in at all. If the player shoots at the HKs before the lift raises... everything wakes up, TPs in, and gathers in a masive clump of shit at the top of the lift... which kinda makes it a non-threatening grind to clear it all before going back up. Not sure what to suggest here, other than maybe make the lift a bit faster and release the first room enemies from a closet instead of TPing them in.. that way, once the player has tripped a line in the HK room, the closets will open up and there will be fights set up ready and waiting for their return journey. Minor issue, the sector housing the chaingunners shouldnt be tag 16.. only the wall in front of them. Also neat little touch showing the secret from the start position, i liked the way that was shown to the player so it encourages them to hunt around for it. Overall not a bad effort at all for a first map, especially one focussed around speedy play :)
  6. bemused

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    Seeing as though there has been a wall of silence in reply to this question... i guess i should jump in to answer with a resounding "maybe" :D Whilst (some) effort has already been made to make maps compatible for coop play, zdaemon simply wont play most of them at all due to its linedef limitations, and zandronum will probably just crash or lag out when faced with this many monsters awake simultaneously. At the very least the maps will probably need some dedicated coop playtesting, tweaking and editing after the single player version is finished :)
  7. bemused

    What baits players to play your maps

    Usually i use chocolate chip cookies. Tempting, reasonably healthy bait which people from all walks of life can enjoy, even those vegan types. If, for some reason people arent playing my map i will go to the supermarket to buy strawberry laces to sweeten the deal. Everyone has a price! For real though, just a simple, short, clearly worded post with a few of the best screenshots you can find (this is the most important aspect imo) is more than enough. Intended port, jump/crouch allowed or not, and a brief description of gameplay. "run and gun"... "fast paced easy map"... or "slaughtermaps" is plenty. Including a paragraph of lore and a million links thanking a massive list of people for 2 maps is unnecessary and will just become a TL:DR for most people.
  8. bemused

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    imo it was by far the hardest fight in the map when i playtested it.. I ended up running circles round the outside and saving most of the bfg ammo to kill viles only.. When a few brave viles managed to get through the crowd to the outer edge it was a case of rushing them and point blank slapping them in the face with a bfg ball. The rest kinda takes care of itself once enough viles die. Also lured some cacos to above the central lowering vile boxes and used inf height rocket splash on the cacos to kill some viles from above before they were let out
  9. bemused

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    Today is a good day
  10. bemused

    frog_and_toad.wad [12 maps]

    and funnily enough, just so happens to be the name of the wad too?! imagine that!
  11. bemused

    frog_and_toad.wad [12 maps]

    looks at the title of the thread in total confusion
  12. bemused

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    Absolute heresy.. Please go and wash that mouth out sir.
  13. bemused

    Compare your first map to your latest!

    i like the idea of this thread :) I dont have pics of my first ever map anymore, but i have pics of my 2nd... Made in early 2016, featuring groundbreaking level design such as a crate maze, car park, illogical backtracking across almost the entire map with no hints or clues, and sound tubes(!) And the latest map im currently finishing up.. featuring..... none of those things! :D
  14. bemused

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    @STNpotato id personally try using a translucent SHAWN variant on the outer layer of those green things.. not too sure how it would look but translucent SHAWN is commonly used for "glass window" effects
  15. yet more 10/10 sky textures, cannot thank you enough for making these :)