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  1. bemused

    Abandon [final]

    Ummm.... good question. As far as im aware the edited SP maps are all in, with difficulty settings and basic coop stuff in place, so its just all the slow fiddly stuff like compiling and testing them, trying to go through 6 years worth of PMs on various platforms to create a credits list for textures, midis etc, and other such stuff remaining. New version posted within the next month or 2 hopefully? Maybe? :P
  2. bemused

    Abandon [final]

    We were actually compiling a credit list for the text file the other day and managed to identify all but one of the midis.. Anyone who knows what 08 is, or where its from... gets a prize consisting of absolutely nothing :) 1 "Something I Can Never Have" by Nine Inch Nails 2 "Outer Darkness" by Primeval 3 "Under a Crimson Moon" by The Green Herring 4 Outdoor Theme 2 from Dungeon Master 2 5 "Darkseige" by an unknown author 6 "Departure" from Duke Nukem 3D 7 "Taking the Death Toll" from Duke Nukem 3D 8 ? 9 Hydrodynamo Station theme from Metroid Prime 2 10 Sewers theme from Terminator: Future Shock 11 "Underground" by Ribbiks 12 "Demon Resurged" by Primeval 13 Hangar theme from PS1 Doom 14 "Rusty Nails" by Jimmy 15 Crateria - Raining (Remix) from Super Metroid, tracked by SilentZorah 16 "Dungeon Theme 9" from Dungeon Master 2 17 Privateer's Hold theme from The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall 18 Target Closing theme from Metroid Fusion Title Target Closing theme from Metroid Fusion Int Iris's Theme from Lufia II Text The Library theme from Resident Evil 2
  3. bemused

    [-CL9] OCCULA.WAD [RC1]

    "NOTICE: This thread has been dormant for more than three months. You should carefully consider if your reply is relevant enough to warrant bumping the thread." Well, shit...... apologies for the >3 months of total silence, I kinda lost the thread under a sea of notification spam and IRL stuff... Many thanks to all of you lovely people who took time out of your schedules to die repeatedly and drop feedback, its really appreciated :) Edits in some form will be coming at some point soon, basically once I find the motivation to do them lol. Regarding who made what.... All maps apart from 02 and 03 were made by me. 02 had been sitting on tourniquets HDD gathering dust for many years, and i was sent the base layout of the 2 main buildings in 03, so would class that as a collab map. This is how it looked the day i received it. 01 was originally destined for haste.wad, and all the secret maps are just a small selection of some of the random obnoxious stuff i have laying around clogging up my drive space :)
  4. sigh.... i knew this would come back to haunt me eventually... i have stalled out on mapping for the last few months due to fiddly editing and fine tuning stuff being super un-fun, but i guess i could throw down some more resources in the 04 secret to make it more lenient once i get a burst of enthusiasm. Will probably upload occula, harass benjo to put out RC1 for abandon and edit this all at the same time, so will update the thread when i finally pull my finger out and sort my shit... Soon™
  5. A small collection of challenging maps made by both myself and tourniquet, featuring red textures by franckFRAG. Maps vary in length and complexity, with some harder fights being optional. 3 secret maps full of BS and nonsense for those who like being abused by videogames. Revenants included at no extra cost. Difficulties fully implemented, please use them. UV is not intended for first playthroughs. Complevel 9, tested in Prboom+, other ports may struggle. Software rendering not recommended for map31 Full credits and thanks included in text file Known bugs/issues: inconsistent damaging floor flats. This will be sorted, I promise :P LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ns3fvc5k8q1lp1s/OcculaRC1.zip?dl=0 PICS:
  6. bemused

    [Boom] No Title - A single quick map

    Played this on HMP as the text file suggested.. cool little map filled with deadly little ambushes, most of which i found little cheesy strats for once i knew what to expect, but nothing noteworthy or egregious. Really liked the fight at the end and the way the "safe" areas open up to reveal more misery :D I did find myself with no ammo once, after killing all the revs there was a moment of regret where everything got rezzed after hitting the switch by the caged cyb. (i didnt get the secret) Not sure if adding some more (non secret) ammo would change how you intended it to be played here, as it was kinda cool being pressured to use ammo sparingly on the viles and leave the mass of revs roaming around as a persistent threat. Skipped the exit line without trying, probably worth slanting and doubling that so its not quite so easily skippable. Fun map though, i enjoyed it a lot :)
  7. Did this a few days ago and was too demoralized to post it at the time. Cat 2 givemylifebackplease.zip
  8. bemused

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Something fancy that serves no gameplay purpose whatsoever... And something..... less fancy with gameplay everyone will hate :)
  9. bemused

    line effect 242 makes hom effect.

    looks to me like the ceiling of your control sector is below floor height in the main room. Match the ceiling height of your control sector with the value of the ceiling in the main room, should sort it
  10. bemused

    What makes a map good or bad?

    A "Good"™ map conforms to all the expectations of the average Doom General poster A good map has inescapable pits, slaughter gameplay, misaligned textures, ugly visuals, mandatory pickups, confusing progression, be reliant upon RNG, and have a really unpleasant, dissonant midi. Bonus points are awarded if it has stuff that you cant kill.
  11. bemused

    who're your favorite mappers

    Positivity? in Doom General? I thought this is where people came to discuss how much they dislike stuff :l Anywayyyyyy.... in no particular order: GGGMork for the adrenaline fuelled madness and generally chaotic gameplay Ribbiks for the curves and making relatively simple line patterns look good Time of Death for the ingenuity and crazy mapping hacks/tricks Tourniquet for the way maps feel to explore Insane Gazebo for sense of scale and tight texture theming
  12. bemused

    my maps (Unruly Foreskin)

    currently having fun throwing myself off random bits of map while playing pacifist, heres a slow demo.. starlitepacifist.zip Just one small note, linedefs 545, 544, 6508 and 5625 raise 8 units above the adjacent central floor and therefore have a small HOM lip on them
  13. Its a pretty shameful display that i haven't even casually tried out my abandon co-mappers "small side project" as he called it during development, as Criticality is one of the best single map experiences ive had in a fairly long time. @Scotty is far too modest, this is not a small side project in any way, shape or form. The DW ironman club is currently full of people who are killing a few enemies in the first fight, dying and immediately stopping playing, so i figured id post my thoughts in here instead. Played through it a couple of nights ago on UV, blind. Missed 5 monsters in the backpack secret area. Reminded me of Miasma mixed with bit of Entropy, where all the combat seems to have proper thought put into player movement patterns, fight composition and second guessing how players will react to stuff as it happens. The slime room with the revs/PEs and the last (non secret) fight are some of the coolest setups ive seen in a very long time, but i won't spoil the surprise :) Software rendering colormap trickery adds a pretty neat element to the super dark areas, where enemies glow clearly in fights held in total darkness, it made for a pretty surreal experience. Really liked the way the maps progression loops back in, over and around itself, re-linking to previously cleared areas, completely changing the topography of the geometry as you traverse it multiple times. Being given a choice at the start of the map of which route to take and eventually.. which weapon youll be relying on for the majority of the map, was very cool. Once i gained access back to the start area and started down the 2nd path everything starts tying in together and making a lot more sense, with lots of little dawning moments of realization and "ooh thats neat" as you pop out somewhere else on the map that was previously visible but inaccessible. Never felt too punishing or unfair for my personal tastes, and never felt like a slog, grindy or unenjoyable. There is a particular U shaped fight in the east that ruthlessly kicked my ass multiple times, but by that time it was 3am and i was playing like a donkey, so YMMV. Secret 6 key fight felt a little anticlimactic after the hunt to get to it imo, but that could be me just lucking out and oneshotting the fight. Still overall a really well polished product, and possibly one of my top5 all time favourite single map experiences. Cant really say much more than that.
  14. bemused

    /idgames Wad Uploader Form

    Contrary to the rather idyllic picture painted here, a cursory glace thru idgames reveals that not everything on there is a "quality product", and the rather arbitrary "thou shalt not meme in any way shape or form whatsoever" rule you seem to be advocating would've seen noye, ENirvana and other popular wads all struck down from idgames upon uploading. Lighten up a little, there is plenty room for content of all types.... as long as it isnt an "obvious trollwad" or other such malicious file :)