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  1. Only just worked out how to enable these leet social media style status updates, so I'm gonna start writing out a constantly updated massive wall of crap about random wads i play in here, because why not (unless i get told off by a mod for constantly pinging their server to update my shit)

    One.wad - spent 15 minutes waiting for lifts, died to a slow crusher, marveled at the blocks of barons and the iwad copy pasting. Pretty impressive size for something made in 1997 though 

    Mapping contest maps.. Some really damn good maps in here. Personally i felt like scottys was the best by a pretty long way, but im biased. ADs map was more appealing to me than the winning entry, but its not about the winning, its the taking part that counts etc :D

    Sucker Punch 2 -  Great little set of quick fun maps, colour coded for difficulty. Personally found the green maps to be harder than the yellow/red ones due to abundance of hitscan and little health, but ymmv. One of the best things ive played all year. 

    Stimulants - Played on stream due to scotty requesting i do so.. All i can say is that i really really dislike shotgunners. 

    Tarnsmans Projectile Hell - played E1 of the first beta with a few people on stream, taking it in turns to work our way through episodes. Ran into pretty serious ammo issues in a few maps, probably due to not finding secrets. Lots of shotgun vs midtier gameplay, although that is to be expected from e1. Lots of hitscan placed on ledges made progress pretty slow going. Felt like the mod aspect couldve been taken further.. usually i dont care much for mods, but felt like i wanted more cool weapons to fuck about with. Will probably revisit this one when it hits idgames

    No Title - Very cool little galileo map, with a few spicy fights building up to a pretty rude rev swarm at the end... where you have to kill viles and let the revs live due to ammo constraints. 

    Yugiboy's Moon Series - Extremely cool skillsaw-style moon episode, a large step up in many ways from the usual standard of content posted on dw nowadays. Verging on full slaughter in places, lots of tight plasma based fights against pits of hitscan the player gets dropped into at point blank. Definitely cacoward-worthy if yugi pulls his finger out and compiles them all in time :D

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    2. Killer5


      wow. deleted my post.

    3. Rook


      Really glad you enjoyed Sucker Punch 2.

    4. Yugiboy85


      Lol, I pulled my finger btw. They are on idgames now :D