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  1. FrogMaster

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.1.0 (9/2020)

    I had another suggestion that I think would be pretty neat to see. The image that is shown on the right side of the screen, I think it would be really awesome if multiple screenshots can turn that into a slideshow. If you take multiple photos in a specific WAD, then it could possibly be set on a timer and flip the pictures. Hopefully that isn't too difficult to set up, I think it would look amazing. Keep up the incredible work! :)
  2. FrogMaster

    Collection of kid friendly mods?

    That's literally the first thing that came to my mind.
  3. FrogMaster

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.1.0 (9/2020)

    I really love the addition of the tiles. I thought of a pretty neat suggestion though. Would it be possible to implement different views for different tabs at some point? Like for example, I really like having the large tiles for the IWADs section, but my other tags with the rest of my mods, I would prefer to have the grid layout. It would certainly add to more customizability and it's good for organization. Besides that, I love this application and I've been using it for a very long time! Keep up the great work!
  4. FrogMaster

    Ports for Doom 64?

    Awesome! Thank you for this, I'm actually really interested to see the modding community really expand on this game. I played it for the first time when they launched it with Doom Eternal and I personally really enjoyed it.
  5. FrogMaster

    Ports for Doom 64?

    Is it possible to run Doom 64 custom levels through the official port by Nightdive, and if so, where would I find these levels?
  6. 21 years old and completed Doom Eternal on Ultraviolence with all collectibles.
  7. FrogMaster

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    This is a song that I released today. I release music under the name Prophet Hollywood. It's cheesy, I know. I was aiming for late 1990s-early 2000s Eurodance sounds.
  8. This is amazing. I love the GZDoom source port so this is absolutely beautiful. One thing I am noticing though and I am not sure if this is an issue on my side, but Blood: Cryptic Passage appears twice on the list of games. I am not entirely sure why it does that but I provided a screenshot of what I see. Update: I see that the Redneck Rampage: Suckin' Grits on Route 66 also appears multiple times as well. Double Update: I determined what the issue was. If you edit the .ini file and change all the file paths for the GameSearch.Directories section to the folders for each of your games, it prevents duplicates from appearing when launching Raze. I have folders created for each game. After creating a path to every folder, the Raze interface is now perfectly clean and in alphabetical order, as seen on the right.
  9. FrogMaster

    Whats the most edgiest doom wad you've ever played

    Grezzo 2 is the edgiest WAD that I ever played because of its over the top violence and offensive humor. UAC Labs is the most sinister WAD that I ever played because of it's connection to Eric Harris and we all unfortunately know the story behind that.
  10. FrogMaster

    Custom Map Archive Channel

    Awesome, thank you for all the WADs, this will surely keep me busy!
  11. FrogMaster

    Custom Map Archive Channel

    I am creating a YouTube channel where I will be archiving custom maps from several video games; Doom will be the primary focus. I created a new Welcome to the Channel video that is up-to-date. The old one was from January of 2019. I completely redesigned my channel for 2020 and have found a great format that I will use in my videos. My Goals: Record gameplay of custom maps. Create quality content that people enjoy. Keep you entertained and informed. Please recommend me any notable maps and I'll be sure to archive it on my YouTube channel.
  12. FrogMaster

    Delta Touch on Android

    I just downloaded Delta Touch a few days ago and I've been organizing WAD files. Everything has been working beautifully. I have a Bluetooth Xbox Controller connected and I've mapped all my buttons the way I want. I ordered a phone clip for my controller and I'm so excited to be playing my favorite game with mods anywhere I go. It's amazing! I hope this keeps getting updated and I'll definitely keep testing and playing things. 😅
  13. I apologize for the massive 11 month silence since I made my trailer video for my YouTube channel. I had so many things going on this year with a full time job, college classes and more. This has always been an idea of mine for a very long time. I finally have a video format that I am satisfied with and would love to delve into this passion project. I plan on going through the Top 10 WADs of each year, starting with 1994, and play through their maps. It will be a very ambitious project, but certainly one that I hope to tackle throughout the course of the 2020s. A whole decade is ahead of us; my ultimate goal is to create content for those that enjoy it and hopefully enlighten those who are unaware of it. This channel's mission is to serve as a custom map archive of Doom and other classic games. Any and all feedback is massively appreciated. I will do my best to improve the series as time goes on. Thank you and let's get to exploring Doom together. The beginning minute reiterates what I typed above for those who don't see this post. Please skip it if you don't want to listen.
  14. I absolutely love the theme of this megawad. This is going to be awesome. Keep up the amazing work, I love it!
  15. FrogMaster

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    I actually have an electronic music channel that I post things on. Most of my music is retro-inspired.