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  1. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Zandronium on Mac

    I'm trying to play zandronium but whevever i open it, the icon appears on the bottom but immedietly closes without even starting it. And note that i run a mac. Can someone please help me before I break my screen?
  2. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Map builders

    I want to know which map Builder is better SLADE or Doom Builder?
  3. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Doors in SLADE

    I have no idea how to make doors in slade builder and now whenever i try the map its a missing texture idk why but idk how to make the doors move can someone help me?
  4. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Doom Ally Wads

    I want to play around with some of my favorite doom wads with the marines but I want more advanced bots that can open doors and co-operate. Does anyone know of any?
  5. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Doom IOS Source Port

    I'm trying to find a good doom source port that can run stuff like Hexen and wads and pk3s for the iOS does anyone know of any?
  6. TheDoomerGuy12345

    ZDoom Laggy

    To awnser your question yes it is universal to all of my wads and what do you mean by rebooting my computer?
  7. TheDoomerGuy12345

    ZDoom Laggy

    Ok my computer sucks and it can only play games like doom and heretic. So ZDoom was working fine for me until all of the sudden it became extremely laggy.Up until the point in which framerate was 0 for 10 minutes. I dont know what happened though. It was running really good like 10 days ago.
  8. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Need Good Wad

    Anyone know any good wads exept for brutal doom?
  9. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Doom 64 EX Load Game help

    well it didnt work
  10. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Doom 64 EX Load Game help

    How do I do that?
  11. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Doom 64 EX Load Game help

    Ok so I got doom 64 ex and played up to like 10 levels. Then I had to go so I saved my game. When I got back I tried to load up the save file but all it did was freeze and crash. I hope this is just a problem that everyone solves from but can someone help me please? I know I'm a noob at doom like things but I just like to play the games/wads I don't know anything about programing.
  12. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Odamex Source Port

    hmm let me try that
  13. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Odamex Source Port

    Sorry this is my second post but I really want this to work. So I got odamex because it runs fast and zdoom lags for no reason for me so I use odamex and I want to try my final doom files. But All it does is take me to doom 2 even though I do "wad tnt.wad" to try and get to them can someone help me please.
  14. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Odamex Source Port

    All it did was take me back to doom 2 am I not doing this right? I typed in "wad tnt.wad" and it took me to doom 2
  15. TheDoomerGuy12345

    Odamex Source Port

    I tried it and All it did was take me back to doom 2 not to the wads I wanted like tnt and plutonia I really want to play them can you help me