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  1. Atendega

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    I don't recall at any point "dissing hundreds of people's efforts across numerous mods". I'm pointing out a single flaw in them. At no point did I suggest that the mods were bad as a whole because of this.
  2. Atendega

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    I'd hardly refer to everything being stretched as a "barely noticeable quirk". The pistol is very clearly stretched, here.
  3. Atendega

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Mods that don't compensate for Doom's pixel aspect ratio, resulting in literally all of the mod's art being vertically stretched and distorted. I see this constantly, in lots of really popular mods, and I don't understand how it's considered acceptable not to take into account one of the Doom engine's most basic, obvious quirks. It looks gross. Either use art designed for Doom, or use source-port features, like the TEXTURES lump in ZDoom, which specifically allow for this to be corrected on a per-asset basis. You'd think stuff like this would be a basic priority.
  4. Atendega

    Doom 3: Depths of Evil [Community Project]

    I think it would be interesting to see this project incorporate some of the engine enhancements made by other Doom engine games. One can assume that, had another Doom game been made in the 90's, it might have used such things as polyobjects and freelook, right? It would certainly help differentiate this project from other Doom 3 efforts, which, as you've mentioned, often seem more like Doom 2 expansion packs.
  5. Atendega

    Make a better Pistol or Pistol-llike weapon.

    I'm not sure how anyone could possibly think the pistol in this game is bad. If anything, it's an example of a good starting weapon, imo. Upgraded, it can one-shot imps, and I found myself using it quite often to take out enemies in between major arenas.
  6. Atendega

    What happened to Olivia after she became the spiderdemon?

    You people keep saying she "transformed" into the Spider Mastermind, when the codex makes it pretty clear that this isn't the case. The first Project Lazarus Tethering Operation (MTC 2146/351) retrieved a small compendium from the Umbral Plains in the crypt of a destroyed tower of unknown construction (artifact reference PL E2M8). This "vade mecum" was mostly illegible, but it did contain one of the rare references to the Aranea Imperatrix - a mystical demon that is still largely unknown. "When the gate is opened, in the fourth age, when we have risen and the masters have shown us the path, she will be come. A great blessing will be given to the key holder, for they will become one with the master, and in that holy union the power of the dark priest will be unleashed upon the heretics of the Penumbral Plain. The Aranea Imperatrix. Carried in the mind of all who follow, fed from the blood of those who fell, made with bone of rock, iron, steel and sinew. A mighty god to rule over all other gods. One become two become legion." The Aranea Imperatrix (The Spider Mastermind) was an already existing entity, into which the "key holder" (Olivia) was merged. Olivia is subservient to this existing demon.
  7. Atendega

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    The Icon of Sin does play a role in the lore, though the nature of its role is left largely to the imagination. I personally hope Doomguy stays faceless and silent. He conveyed plenty through his silent action, and I think adding goofy grunts purely for nostalgia's sake would be a bad decision.
  8. Atendega

    NEW main menu

    The Cyberdemon being included in the Tower of Babel classic map gives me hope that we'll see it in single player DLC as a normal enemy, or as a placeable enemy in SnapMap. Its AI is clearly versatile enough to function outside of the boss arena, in a modified state. Just give it as much health as a single stage of the boss fight, and we're good to go. I actually don't want to see the Spider Mastermind return as a non-boss enemy. In the new lore, it's clearly an individual entity. I'm all for the return of Arachnotrons, though. And Pain Elementals would be awesome to see. I'd also love to see the Prowler and the Harvester appear as single player enemies. In any case, here's to keeping out fingers crossed for campaign DLC. And campaign co-op, maybe?
  9. Atendega

    Doom - Big Updates, New Content and PartyPlay

    That Hell stuff in SnapMap looks gorgeous. That alone has me excited.
  10. Atendega

    Classic Doom vs Doom 2016

    Kirby is dark as fuck, though. He'll eat your fucking soul
  11. Atendega

    What do you guys think of the monster designs?

    I just love them all Hnnnnngg
  12. Atendega

    The Little Things Thread

    I wish there was a way to replay that opening sequence, besides starting a new game. I honestly got chills from it.
  13. Atendega

    Hell guardian didn't feel Doom-y

    I guess I'm in the minority here, but I thought the Hell Guards were plenty Doom-y. They were certainly different, but I thought they fit well and were interestingly designed.
  14. The combat shotgun with the charged shot mod is my go-to weapon for anything up to Hell Knight. I honestly think it's much better than the explosive shot.
  15. Atendega

    My Super Good Opinion On New Doom (And Questions!)

    According to the codex, Olivia was merged into an existing, powerful demon known as "Aranea Imperatrix". It states that, as Olivia was the "key-holder", she received a "great blessing" and became "one with the master". I fucking love the lore in this game. It fits DOOM perfectly. I highly recommend reading all of the codex stuff if you haven't. So no, the Spider Mastermind is not a transformed Olivia. It is a demon that has taken her into itself.