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Everything posted by CheeseOnTheMoon

  1. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    For sure.
  2. CheeseOnTheMoon

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    Regarding the whole gender thing, I'll only be miffed if they literally turn Doomguy female for no apparent reason, which seems unlikely. Either way I'm excited to see how this turns out, could always use more Doom in my life.
  3. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Doom Official Soundtrack Released

    Is it just me or are some of the tracks cut? In "Damnation" as soon as the choral part begins it just... ends. It starts, and you expect to hear the rest, but it never comes and is replaced by 40 seconds of ambient noise. I really hope it's just somewhere else in the soundtrack, because it was a reall cool homage to E1M8.
  4. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Map16: CALLED IT!

    Haha that's awesome. Learn something new every day, I suppose.
  5. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Shotty vs SSG

    Does anybody else prefer the standard shotgun to the ssg? I never really ended up using it, except for hell knights/barons and occasionally. I guess I just got really used to the feel of the default shotgun in doom and couldn't really adapt in doom II. I always felt like I was wasting ammo. I'm trying to use it more in the new doom, and maybe I'll get a better feel for it when I go back. Does anybody else feel this way?
  6. CheeseOnTheMoon

    So no snapmap customization?

    Is there really no way to customize your armor in snapmap? Really disappointing if so. It's a shame because some parts of snapmap are fantastic but things like no customization and memory limits make it feel like a tacked on piece of shit.
  7. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Possible to mod reloading into Doom 4?

    Why would you ever want to mod reloading into doom?
  8. CheeseOnTheMoon

    it is NOT Old School?! did you all forget?

    Just move on, there are some people who just cannot be reasoned with.
  9. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Predict The Metacritic Score

    This has to be satire.
  10. CheeseOnTheMoon

    NERF must really like their DOOM....

    Ok, this is pretty funny.
  11. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Predict The Metacritic Score

    I read that as UT4 and got hyped for a second. I really hope that it will eventually leave its alpha purgatory state.
  12. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    Agreed. It's not consoles themselves, but the majority of the console audience are the ones who keep buying dumbed down crap. The same people tend to gravitate towards using consoles because of advertising.
  13. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Shotty vs SSG

    Chaingunners are definitely a bigger threat, but they also have a much larger chance to splatter in 1 hit as opposed to lost souls. And when range comes into play, both shotguns are usually outclassed.
  14. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    Most people are upset especially now because of how limited snapmap is. The are so many limitations in place so that consoles can use it.
  15. Most likely. If not now, then later. Bethesda addressed one of the people's biggest problems with fo4 besides the total lack of rpg elements by adding a true survival mode, I doubt that their parent company wouldn't urge id to do the same.
  16. CheeseOnTheMoon

    it is NOT Old School?! did you all forget?

    Oh, I misunderstood your post. Sorry for the rant!
  17. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Shotty vs SSG

    I agree on lost souls, but with chaingun guys if you're close up the sg will kill either kill them in 1 shot or stun them anyways. There is a small chance that neither will happen, so I guess if you really want to be safe you should use the ssg, I rarely do though.
  18. CheeseOnTheMoon

    it is NOT Old School?! did you all forget?

    Undesirable to whom? Does it really matter to you if a kid plays doom and decides it's fun? Don't get me wrong, I care much for brutal doom either...but seriously? Out of all the reasons to hate brutal doom, you hate it because "kidz r bad lololol" ?
  19. CheeseOnTheMoon

    The REAL doom chaingun (Toy)

    Does anybody by any chance have mirrors of the images?
  20. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Doom is too much Quake

    Is there anything that you won't complain about?
  21. CheeseOnTheMoon

    no hit-scan in this doom

    Thanks, I didn't even realize you could shoot through that. I guess I'm too used to payday 2 where not even legs have hitboxes...
  22. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Shotty vs SSG

    Good point, I guess I got used to sniping with the shotty. So far I'm having a great deal of fun in doom 4, I started a new doom II playthrough and I'm starting to use it more.
  23. CheeseOnTheMoon

    Doom MP

    Because doom isn't Quake?
  24. CheeseOnTheMoon

    no hit-scan in this doom

    Yeah, either way they're a huge pain in the ass. It seems to be a very small bubble around them that you can't dodge. Does anyone have any good strategies for dealing with them? I always end up having to use a stun shot.